Good day beautiful reader, whaddup?! Before I start with whatever follows I would first like to wish you a happy new year. Still appropriate, right? so on the fifth day of this year. On behalf of the entire Smibanese University, I wish you all kinds of things within the positive spectrum. May the universe provide you with to fight prosperity, blessings and similar things.

Here we are again! I am now no stranger to the attentive NRC reader, as is the Smibanese University of which I am a representative. My name is Prof. Specieskill, don’t forget the prof, and I am a young, fresh professor with an excessive amount of swag, but more importantly: with my heart in the right place. Previously, I published a weekly column in the weekend edition called Smibological Sciences, in which I wanted to make the reader aware of the world from a Smibological point of view, using a Smibanese term. Perhaps you are now thinking to yourself, what is this man saying? and what the fuck is Smibanese and/or a Smibological point of view? Well, if that’s what you’re thinking, you’ll get the answer to this in a measured manner in the near future. The dosage is up to you, because we will give you food for the brain like a dog gets food from its owner. And by this we do not mean the relationship between them, but the practical way in which this happens. We put it down, and you do what you want with it.

We at Smibanese University are from the school of hard knocks. The Smibanese University is a mindset, and registration is therefore an inner procedure. This university is not a physical place that you can visit, or an institution that you gain access to through a registration form. It is a place between your ears, and that libi as a whole is the classroom.

Everything is possible for those who grasp life and its dynamics

Life is a classroom if you walk through it with the right mental programming, and we at Smibanese University propagate such a philosophy of life to our students (read: disciples). Members of Smibanese University are students of that libi.

Our students live with the will to sail with the laws of the universe. Starting today, we will saddle all readers every other week with our Smibological insights, findings, observations and other random items that will guide us through this. And this all happens under the heading: SMIBOLOGICS.

Finally, I would also like to introduce you to the mascot of the Smibanese University. His name is Juvenile Detentiõn, or “Juvie” for short. This black cat was named after its fate, a trapped existence in ignorance, and thus entangled in the misery of life. And yes, you read that right: THE LIFE. Since his enrollment at Smibanese University, and thus adhering to the Smibologic Theory, Juvie has rediscovered the light within himself, and not only does he follow the laws, but he is also learning to surf! Because everything is possible for those who grasp life and its dynamics. Oh well, enough for now. Until next time! Laterzzzzzzssszzzzssszz.

Prof. Soortkill published Smibologie. Each one, teach one and the Smibanese dictionary 2.0 (nominated for Language Book Prize in 2020).


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