Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 9th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins offevolved with Pritam asking Nitin to observe the ones boys, they could attain the drug dealers. Nitin is going. Pritam says he went to hunt. Naveen sees Nitin clicking photos and runs. He hires an car and leaves. Nitin runs after him. Mansoor says you’re gambling with fire, Rathi will recognize approximately faux Rdx. Pritam says I m gambling this sport when you consider that long, don’t you accept as true with me. Mansoor says I m involved for Sakhujas, Amrita cried on her huge day. Pritam says I recognize, I promise this won’t manifest again, that own circle of relatives is definitely good, Amrita merits happiness, I promise to shield them. Mansoor says I gets you any other house. Pritam says my paintings can be finishing soon, I must live there to shield them. Guneet and Nimmo have a talk. He compliments her. Amrita comes and teases them. Amrita says we’ve got ration for 2-three weeks, again via way of means of the halwai. Nimmo says we’re looking for happiness in leftover things. Guneet says happiness is simply happiness. Amrita asks why are you sad. Nimmo says we instructed Kuljeet that we are able to see the delivery, are we able to do it. Amrita says it’s going to manifest in Karan’s hospital. Angad asks them now no longer to make Amrita involved, Kabir and I will manage. Amrita says yes, you each retire, Angad and Kabir will take care of everything. They laugh.

Shetty sees Dolly at a talk stall. He says no…. Meera asks Kabir how does he scare the boss. Kabir receives Shetty’s call. Shetty says lifeless frame is here. Kabir asks in which. Shetty says she is having golgappas. Meera attempts to hear. Kabir says you bought drunk. Shetty says that lady is here. Kabir says you’re hallucinating, she is lifeless right, how can she consume golgappas. Shetty says yes, fine, I m coming.

Meera asks what’s happening. He lies. Kabir calls Dolly. Shetty sees her gone. Kabir asks why do you roam round my boss. She says I m now no longer round. He says my boss has visible you consuming golgappas. She asks in which is he. She sees Shetty coming and says I will run. Shetty is going to invite for Dolly. The guy scolds him. Dolly hides in Shetty’s automobile. Kabir calls him and asks are you fine. Shetty says you have been right, I changed into hallucinating. Kabir says fine, come to workplace fast. Shetty says I m coming. Dolly thinks in whose automobile did I sit. She hears Shetty. She asks him to prevent the automobile. They each scream seeing every other.

Amrita receives angry listening to Pritam’s name. Kamli says your dad forgot his kurta. Amrita remembers her mother and father and cries. Pritam comes and asks are you crying, inform me, why are you crying. Amrita asks him to head and do his paintings. He says I recognize you’re disappointed with me, did every person inform her anything. She asks why could every person say. He says your own circle of relatives loves you, why are you crying. She says I m fine, I m going downstairs now. Pritam calls out Biji and Nimmo. He says your bahu is crying. They rush upstairs. They ask what happened. Soni asks did you are saying anything. He says no, she changed into crying, she isn’t telling me. Nimmo asks are you fine. Amrita says I m fine. He asks why have been you crying. Biji says its Kuljeet’s kurta. Amrita says yes, he forgot it. Nimmo says you leave out him, right. She hugs Amrita. Pritam says I changed into involved. Amrita asks can’t I get emotional. Nimmo says go away it, come.

They go. He says I m an fool to create this issue, I ought to manipulate my emotions. Kabir talks to Sunny. Meera asks approximately the lifeless frame. He says neglect about it, see Amrita’s godh bharai photos. Meera likes the photos. She receives sad. Kabir asks her to take him for lunch, he has no money, however desires to deliver her a treat. She says fine, I will come up with a loan, go back it while you get the salary. Shetty comes and says Kabir, I m so happy with you, you’re so smart. Kabir says don’t reward me, all of them are jealous of me. Shetty says you deserve it, your reward and insult ought to manifest publicly, I actually have a huge wonder for you. Kabir says I love surprises. Shetty says its an imp day for him today. Dolly comes. Kabir receives shocked.

Kabir comes domestic and says I misplaced my process. Angad says you bought the process via way of means of cheating. Amrita slaps him. Guneet cries and says we must deliver one lakh repayment at Kabir’s workplace in a single week.


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