Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 8th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The episode begins with pritam making a song a music at the degree. Amrita laughs. He stops making a song. Each person laughs. Pritam says they are giggling on me, prevent it now. Amrita says wait, i’m able to come. She takes ansh toward the level. She says i’m able to sing now, we will sing collectively, play this track. The person says its difficult song. She says play it, target market will love it. She sings the song and dances. Pritam sings together with her. They dance and snigger. The guys stare at her.

Every person claps. She says i informed you, it will likely be amusing. Pritam says meals has come, we will cross and feature it. The men pass remarks on amrita and ask her to sing with them. Pritam asks them to prevent it. Amrita scolds the guys. They tease her. She receives angry. She breaks a bottle on the man’s head. She slaps the alternative man and pushes him down. Pritam asks what did you do. She asks what shall i do, simply watch such as you. She beats the guy. Pritam says now i need to combat. He asks her to prevent. She asks him to go and sit with ansh, she will deal such guys properly. They argue with every other and beat the men. The man attacks pritam and makes him collapse. He is taking the bottle piece to harm him. Amrita hits the man and saves pritam. She asks how did you like this shot.

The guy receives a gun and factors at pritam. Pritam fights them. Another guy selections the gun and points at pritam. Amrita tries to hit the man. Pritam gets shot. The guys run away. Pritam says stop, don’t pass after them, store me first, its bleeding. She sees the wound and says don’t worry, the bullet didn’t move in. He says i recognise, you move and see ansh. She asks the person to get the first useful resource box. Amrita consoles ansh.

She asks pritam to name the police. The person says madam please. Pritam recollects nitin’s phrases. He says no want of police. She says i’m able to get the ones guys punished, call the police. Pritam says they had been younger guys, they have been inebriated, leave it. The person says our lodge will get defamed. She says those guys will do wrong with others additionally, they have to analyze a lesson. Pritam says you are saying proper, however your parents are watching for you, you need to reach them, ansh is with them, if we record a police report, then at some point gets waste. She says high-quality, we are able to no longer call the police. She does the resource to pritam’s wound. He screams.

She asks him now not to shout, bullet simply touched him. He says you wanted the bullet to pierce my chest. She asks why could i want that, who would take me to ludhiana. He seems at her. Ik tara…. Performs… she asks why are you observing me like this. He says no, i m thanking you for saving my life, thanks. She smiles. She does the dressing to his wound. She says you furthermore mght saved my life once, from that gasoline cylinder. She says you’re my obligation now, ansh and i can make you reach ludhiana now, secure and sound. He smiles. Angad talks to amrita. He asks are you exceptional, ok, name me whilst you attain home. Kabir asks what. Angad tells about the combat incident. Kabir asks what. Angad says we can’t speak now, mumma is coming. Dada ji says i were given jalebis for nimmo.

Nimmo says i really like it a lot. She calls all and sundry. Guneet says she were given everyday. Dada ji says no, she is angry internal. He stops nimmo and says we don’t live a lie. She says no longer every person just like the truth, ansh is my truth. Dada ji asks is amrita the lie. Angad asks what passed off to you. Nimmo is going. Guneet says the entirety is exceptional, go to office now. Kuljeet and saroj are seeing arrangements for jassi’s engagement. Pritam receives amrita home. They get glad and welcome amrita. Pritam offers ansh to her. She says ansh and i have come, i fulfilled my promise. Pritam is hurt. Kuljeet asks what occurred. Amrita says he is hurt, we had a fight in the highway hotel. Kuljeet asks why do you constantly combat humans. Saroj says sure, strange, amrita and ansh have been with you. They scold pritam.

Pritam says listen to me, amrita changed into preventing there, with 3 guys, i m saying the reality, i used to be just standing as aspect hero. Amrita says the ones guys were misbehaving with me, he didn’t do whatever, so i had to fight them, he came in between and got shot, he’s a coward, he is fearful of police as well, he didn’t allow me document the fir. Pritam thinks my plan would have failed.

amrita and pritam dance in the characteristic. Saroj says amrita have to remarry, we need to wipe karan’s call from her coronary heart. Amrita says you need to dance inside the engagement. He says i can do it for you..


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