Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 6th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins offevolved with Mansoor consoling Dada ji and Dadi. They ask him to get Guneet. Mansoor asks Angad to return back along. Kuljeet and Kabir say we are able to additionally come. Mansoor says live right here, every person desires you right here. Mansoor and Angad leave. Dadi says we reputable Pritam, he did this. The acquaintances say our locality gets defamed, why did you preserve him. Baljeet says Guneet’s percent may be printed. Kabir asks him to forestall it. Amrita concerns listening to them. She cries seeing the decorations and presents stored there. Zindagi….plays… Nimmo faints down. Everyone rushes to Nimmo and holds her. They ask Nimmo to open eyes. The own circle of relatives asks Nimmo to get up. They take her to the room. Amrita sprinkles water on Nimmo’s face. Kuljeet says I gets the doctor. Saroj says wait, Nimmo is getting conscious. Amrita feeds water to Nimmo. Dada ji asks Nimmo now no longer to worry, not anything will occur to Guneet. Nimmo asks what happened, they arrested Guneet, Amrita’s godh bharai stayed incomplete. Amrita consoles her. She says Mansoor and Angad gets Guneet. Pammi says its occurring due to Pritam, he ought to get hanged. Nimmo cries a lot. Jabir receives indignant. He says Pritam snatched Amrita’s happiness, I will throw all his stuff today, include me. Kuljeet asks Dada ji to calm down. Baljeet says I m seeking to assist them, they didn’t pay attention to me. Pammi says get Guneet freed soon. Baljeet says minister isn’t answering. Inspector slaps Pritam and asks did you homicide that girl, you’re a desired criminal, inform me, its courtroom docket listening to tomorrow, I will take you in remand and ruin you down. Pritam says I didn’t kill her. Guneet receives indignant and scolds Pritam.

He says you ruined our happiness and Amrita’s godh bharai, I by no means reached the police station, I m right here as a perpetrator, simply due to you. Inspector says take a seat down there, your flip is next. Inspector Suresh receives a name from his senior. Mansoor and Angad come there. Angad asks Guneet are you fine. Pritam symptoms and symptoms Mansoor. Angad receives indignant and slaps Pritam. Guneet says don’t beat him. Angad says you snatched our recognize. Mansoor says don’t worry, I won’t allow something occur to you. Inspector finishes the name. Mansoor says you didn’t do true through getting Guneet right here, you’ll get ashamed withinside the courtroom docket. Inspector takes Guneet and Pritam with him. Mansoor says you’re doing wrong. Amrita sees Karan’s percent. Kabir throws Pritam’s baggage down. Amrita asks Kabir to return back down, police has taken Pritam. She says we must first get Guneet home, Kabir name Angad and discover what happened. Kuljeet says yes, we must get Guneet home. Amrita name callings Baljeet. Dada ji says we are able to move there and produce Guneet home. The police arrives. The own circle of relatives and acquaintances get worried. Baljeet says I assume they got here to arrest the own circle of relatives. Dada ji says we are able to see. Kuljeet asks what’s occurring now, will you arrest the whole own circle of relatives if the tenant does wrong, we’re respectable people. Dada ji says our own circle of relatives is innocent, you ruined my bahu’s rasam, happiness and hopes, she is a widow, a widow of covid warrior, her husband, my grandson misplaced his existence at the same time as treating people, we have become this praise today, I won’t allow this occur, in case you contact anybody from own circle of relatives, then see. Inspector says we didn’t come to arrest anybody, don’t get indignant. He frees Guneet. Everyone smiles seeing Guneet. Soni calls out Nimmo and says dad has come. Pritam additionally receives down the jeep. Baljeet asks why did you get the perpetrator again, he’s a assassin.

Mansoor and Angad come. Inspector says sorry, your tenant Pritam isn’t a assassin. Baljeet asks what do you mean, why did you get his warrant then. Inspector says sorry, we made a mistake, the actual assassin is caught, he confessed his crime, we didn’t intend to destroy your function, Pritam is innocent, Sakhujas don’t have anything to do with this, don’t make any news. Baljeet says you insulted our own circle of relatives, you’re giving an evidence now, Pritam is the assassin. Kuljeet says you ruined our function. Inspector says your anger is justified, so I got here to drop them, I m sorry. Dadi says you didn’t pay attention to us. Dada ji says overlook it now, they were given Guneet again with recognize. Guneet consoles Dadi and says I m fine. Inspector says entire your rasam, sorry again. He apologizes to Pritam. Pritam sees Amrita. Police leaves. Nimmo and Angad hug Guneet. Guneet smiles. He says I m fine, don’t cry. Amrita asks did they misbehave with you. Guneet says no, they insulted and took me, then gave recognize and dropped me again, we are able to move internal and entire your godh bharai rasam. Amrita thinks I won’t allow Pritam’s shadow come over our happiness.

Amrita says make Pritam away. Angad says the actual assassin is caught. She says he has killed my happiness, this guy is an eclipse, I don’t need him right here. Pritam is going upstairs together along with his baggage..


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