Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 5th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins offevolved with Saroj asking Amrita now no longer to act. Pritam says permit her do, what’s the harm. Pammi says you don’t communicate in between, its our own circle of relatives matter. Mansoor asks what’s the problem, simply due to the fact Karan isn’t alive, you can’t prevent Amrita, he’s alive for her. Dada ji says yes, we both stay with our existence associate or together along with his memories, begin it Amrita. Nimmo says yes, we need to look our Karan. Amrita is going and says nobody will cry. She acts like Karan. Everyone cries looking Amrita. She cries seeing Karan’s percent. Pritam turns to look Karan’s percent.

Amrita says I realize I did properly acting, will absolutely everyone clap or now no longer. Pritam claps for her. Everyone claps. Inspector receives Pritam’s warrant. He says now, Pritam and Sakhujas will see this shock, don’t display me the decision record. The guy says he’s in contact with drug provider Rathi. Inspector leaves. Saroj says we can begin Amrita’s godh bharai now. Guneet asks Chadda to rest, he’s going to ship the food. Everyone does the rasam. Mansoor says its Amrita’s present, now no longer your past, Pritam, enjoy. They pay attention the police sound. Jogi and goons hide. Kuljeet says neglect about the police, simply whole the rasam. Pritam worries. The police involves Sakhuja residence. The inspector knocks and breaks in the gate. Mansoor asks what’s this manner to return back this manner, characteristic goes on here. Inspector arrests Pritam. Guneet asks what are you going.

Inspector says I subsequently located Pritam. Mansoor holds Pritam. Kuljeet asks what’s the matter, he’s our tenant. Dada ji says he’s like our own circle of relatives member. Mansoor says I m a lawyer. Inspector asks do you need to look the warrant, there may be a homicide rate on him. Everyone receives shocked. Baljeet asks is he a murderer. Inspector says yes, he murdered a lady in a motel. Nimmo says no, he can’t do this. He indicates the desired poster to them. Dada ji asks Mansoor is he a murderer.

Mansoor says no, this can’t happen, they’re mistaken. Kabir says his percent got here in cctv. Baljeet asks do you need to mention some thing now. Dadi says you cheated us. Pritam says no, I went to that motel to fulfill a person else, I m now no longer associated with this lady. Inspector says inform some thing however withinside the court. Mansoor says Pritam will go along with you, I will come along, don’t positioned handcuffs. Inspector says don’t train me law, who’s Guneet. Guneet says its me, Inspector says we’ve got arrest warrant for you also. Everyone receives shocked.

Guneet receives arrested. Mansoor says Guneet doesn’t realize some thing. Inspector scolds them and says Guneet is charged with sheltering a criminal. Kuljeet says Pritam is our tenant, we known as him for formality. Kabir says yes, my dad doesn’t communicate to Pritam. Baljeet says take Pritam, depart Guneet. Dadi asks Mansoor to do some thing, what is going to humans say, they’ll lose their respect. Pritam says I m coming, depart him.

Inspector argues. Mansoor asks if Pritam is charged for homicide, take him, Guneet isn’t involved. Inspector asks him to return back to the police station and communicate. Amrita shouts and prevents Inspector. She asks how will you’re taking Guneet, in the event that they gave the residence on tent, then how can they end up criminals. Inspector says madam, you’re taking care. Amrita scolds Pritam and cries. Pritam and Guneet depart with the police. Everyone cries.

Inspector says you killed that lady. Pritam says no. Police involves Sakhuja residence again. The own circle of relatives worries.


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