Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 4th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins offevolved with Inspector checking the IDs and asking Amrita to pass. She asks how do you already know approximately Karan, did you meet him. Inspector asks her now no longer to joke. Pritam asks her to provide the IDs to him. He says we must depart now, we are becoming late. Dada ji scolds Nimmo for her mad behavior. She cries and says Guneet cheated me and also you all, he wishes Amrita to get married and pass from here, Yuvraj had come to look her and Guneet didn’t inform us. Dadi says this won’t take place. Dada ji says this can take place, doesn’t Amrita have her very own life, do you need her to stay as a widow. Guneet says there’s no marriage talks happening until now. Dada ji says no, ask her, what could she need if it become Soni rather Amrita on this situation. Nimmo receives shocked. Amrita says I didn’t understand, how inspector referred to as me Mrs. Karan Sakhuja. Pritam says perhaps he noticed the ID. She says no, I gave the ID later. He says higher take a u turn, we are able to ask and come.

She says no, I ought to attain domestic soon. He says then maintain driving, I m questioning to take a strength nap, I will force after sometime. She says no, take a seat down right, I will sense sleepy seeing you. The automobile stops. Pritam says I will take a look at. She says I will take a look at. He asks are you a mechanic, pass and take a look at Ansh. She goes. Dadi says yes, Amrita is young, how will she stay alone, Angad and Kabir gets married a few day, we are able to now no longer be there together along with her constantly. Dada ji says Kuljeet desires to get Amrita settle down. Nimmo says he thinks of Amrita, now no longer Ansh. Guneet says Amrita isn’t going to go away Ansh. She asks will she take my Ansh and pass, Ansh is Karan’s blood, my heir. Dada ji says he has Amrita’s blood also. She receives indignant and goes. Guneet says I will speak to her. Dada ji and Dadi calm him down and ask him to provide time to Nimmo. Guneet says I m scared that she can be able to hate Amrita due to Ansh. Kabir comes domestic. Dadi asks how become your first day. He says first class, I had a assembly with the innovative consultant, I becomes a version soon. Dada ji says congrats, live happy. Guneet asks him to pass. Dada ji asks Kabir to get a task for him also. Kabir says you all aren’t capable of cowl the matter, it appears serious, Amrita left, so that you all are unhappy. Guneet nods. Kabir says she went for two days, she can be able to constantly stay with us.

Pritam says battery is satisfactory, engine isn’t overheated, what’s the problem. Amrita says permit me take a look at. She offers Ansh to him. She asks him to begin the automobile once. He tries. She says its engine’s problem, starter motor is damaged, name the mechanic, its engine fault. He says I will take a look at, take Ansh. She says name the mechanic. Vishaka is at the way. She sees Nitin and hits him. She makes him cave in the motormotorcycle. Nitin says I don’t need to speak, permit me pass. She asks how is Pritam, in which is he. He asks how do I understand. She takes the motormotorcycle keys and says inform me, I understand, Mansoor and you already know the whole lot, inform me, you already know me, I will record a case on you, shall I tear my garments and blame you, inform me, I need to fulfill Pritam, I will make him meet our son. He says he isn’t in city, I don’t understand in which he went. She asks in which does he live. She asks what did you get via way of means of helping him, you purchased brushed off from task, assist me, I promise, I gets your task back. He says really, include me, I will take you. She offers the keys and thank you him. He drives off. She shouts how lengthy will you run farfar from me, I will input Pritam’s residence a few day.

Amrita feels cold. Pritam receives a scarf and covers her up. He says Ansh will sense cold. Mechanic says engine is damaged, commenced motor isn’t working. Pritam asks will it get satisfactory. Mechanic says no, I ought to take the automobile to the garage, it’ll take time until morning. Amrita says don’t say this, I ought to visit my parents. She scolds Pritam. Pritam says its a automobile, what can I do. She says you must have checked once. He says I had checked. Mechanic asks them now no longer to fight, its a machine, it breaks down sometimes, there’s a resort ahead, pass and live there. He says I will drop the automobile on the resort in morning. Amrita asks Pritam to locate the resort. He says okay. Kabir and Angad ask Nimmo to take rest, how can she be careless and reduce her hand. She cries. Kabir asks what’s the problem. Guneet says there’s no problem. Angad says the whole lot were given satisfactory withinside the office. Dada ji jokes. Angad sees absolutely each person unhappy advert asks did something take place today. Soni comes and says moms and dads had a fight.

Pritam offers Karan’s ID. The guy calls him Karan and offers the ID. Amrita asks Pritam to expose the ID. She receives shocked……


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