Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 3rd December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins offevolved with Pritam converting the child’s diaper. Amrita smiles. She asks do you recognize baby care, I suggest converting a newborn’s diaper. He says its now no longer a huge thing, know-how isn’t bad, aren’t you getting overdue to visit your Maayka. She asks him to have pakodas. He says I can’t have it after this gravy. They laugh. He asks her to feed Ansh, he’ll come.

Kabir is at his office. He says I m going home, tell Sethi, I m the advert version now, Sir stated I can come anytime, bye. He collides with Vishaka. He says sorry. She asks ain’t you Kabir Sakhuja. He asks do you recognize me. She smiles. She says we haven’t met earlier than, however yes, I realize you. Kabir asks how. She says you’re the manner for me to attain the destination, Sethi determined you. Sethi comes and says welcome. He asks Kabir in which are you going. Kabir says I turned into gong home. Sethi says meet Vishaka, innovative consultant, she can be able to lead the deo advert. She says I advised you, fine assembly you. She smiles.

Pritam comes again. Amrita says Ansh is fed and he slept. Prita says its the high-quality lifestyles, no sorrow, no tension. Amrita says yes, its an age with out sorrow. Pritam says now no longer everyone’s destiny is so right. She asks what. He says I turned into wondering to come to be a child and sleep in cradle. She says you’re kiddish. Amrita says I will force. He asks do you recognize using. She says yes, I even have license also, provide me the keys. He says its highway, provide me the keys. She says don’t underestimate me, I will force, its a laugh to force at the highway, please. He says okay. He says I will take Ansh out, you force right here after which we can cross. She says I will force, I need to force an open automobile, don’t cowl it, come, sit, I will display you the way the roads come to be greater lovely than the destination. He asks really. He sits.

He says child is with us, get down. She says I turned into scaring you, now see, my magic. She drives. She says I realize you’re surprised, you purchased impressed, its now no longer right to stare at me. He says you have to have advised me in case you are an professional driver. She says I turned into a distinctive Amrita earlier than marriage, I used to force my dad and mom everywhere. He says I heard lots approximately that Amrita, I need to fulfill her, someone has avatars, earlier than and after sorrow, I stated this, each your avatars are lovely and interesting. She says you’ve got got come to be poetic. Hawayein…plays….

Vishaka says so sorry, you have been going, darling, you needed to live again due to me. Kabir says its okay, mam. She says Vishaka, name me Vishaka, with the aid of using the manner, I m now no longer married. Kabir receives tensed whilst she holds him. She says I ought to praise you for cracking the advert idea. He says thanks, Meera didn’t come until now. She says she turned into with you withinside the pic, I got here to speak approximately modelling, why did you refuse for the shoot. Kabir says I turned into nervous, its first time. Sethi comes and says how candy Kabir,

I will inform the truth, I had fired him in anger, he were given annoyed, his Bhabhi satisfied him. Vishaka asks who. Kabir says my Bhabhi satisfied me. Sethi says what a female, she is a widow of a corona warrior. Vishaka remembers Pritam’s phrases. She says there may be a widow in my lifestyles also. Kabir asks what. Vishaka says depart it, what’s her name, I like inspiring women. Sethi says begin the assembly, I need to cross fast, its my mum in law’s birthday. She says positive Rajiv. Kabir asks who’s Rajiv. Sethi says me, Rajiv Sethi.

She says terrible boy could be caught at Sir only, I will meet your Bhabhi one day. Pritam asks did you get any data approximately Bedi, hold a watch at the market, tell me. He sees Ansh napping and smiles. Amrita says hold speakme after I m using, my dad and mom used to fight, Karan used to reward me, silence withinside the automobile upsets me. He asks and in that house, there may be silence for your room, do you want it. She says its now no longer silence, his phrases echo in my ears. She tells approximately her using. He says you are becoming a name. She says solution the name, display me at the camera. Kuljeet and Saroj say you’re using. Amrita says yes, Pritam is right here keeping the mobile.

Kuljeet asks why did you permit her force, she drives roughly. Pritam says she is using well. They ask him to be responsible, Ansh is likewise along. Pritam says she is stubborn, she snatched the keys. Saroj scolds him. Amrita says forestall arguments, permit me awareness on using. She laughs. Pritam says you purchased me scolded, forestall the auto, I will force, unusual family. She says chill, I bowled over them. He smiles. She says checkpost has come, did you conceal any bomb for your automobile. He asks her to put on the mask. Inspector says its delhi number, shall we see if its Pritam. He says female is using and guy is sitting beside, display the ID. Pritam indicates the ID.

Inspector exams and says cast off the mask. Amrita says we’ve got proven the ids, do you suspect we’re criminals, I m Amrita Sakhuja, shall I display my id. Pritam says we’re a family. She says I m going to my Maayka. Inspector says your child is cute. He asks are you Mrs. Karan Sakhuja. Pritam worries.

Vishaka asks in which is Pritam. Nitin says I will take you. Amrita exams the auto and says name the mechanic. The guy asks them to live at a few hotel. Amrita confronts Pritam for the usage of Karan’s ID.


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