Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 30th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins with Guneet and Nimmo chastening Krishnakant. Meera and Amrita stress. Guneet asks how might you fall so low when you got some cash. Krishnakant says you are misconception me, what do you need, don’t we come in the capacity. Guneet says its your desire, assuming you come,

take off from this cash show at your home. Meera blows up. Pritam thinks its a decent opportunity to get the pack. Angad requests that the caterers leave. Meera asks how could they talk like this. Krishnakant says I sent cooks there with sincere goals, in light of the fact that Amrita resembles my little girl, however they have soil to them. Apa asks did you advise them previously. Meera says no, so what, enough of Sakhujas, they are offending my father, we will not go at this point. They get pitiful.

Angad is likewise dismal. Soni says Meera’s family bankrupt our hearts once more. Biji says Krishnakant messed up the same way once more. Amrita inquires as to for what reason did he do this, what was the need. Pritam takes the sack to supplant. Baljeet says he didn’t acknowledge his error. Kuljeet requests that Guneet accompany her. Kabir asks where is Dada ji, tell him not to call KK once more. They all get inside the house. Pritam goes into Amrita’s room. He replaces the pack and leaves from that point. Amrita says we chose to remain glad, Angad don’t keep a tragic face, halwai is dropped, proceed to get the halwa, I need to have the best food in my godh bharai. She requests that Guneet organize the chamber. She requests that Nimmo and Saroj make puja things prepared. She grins and goes. Pritam grins seeing her.

Amrita goes to her room and sees Pritam outside the window. Kabir says you made everybody dynamic, you don’t get dismal now, Meera and her father are such. She requests that Kabir proceed to get her dress from the tailor. Kabir says we can go on your bicycle and get the dress, Pritam. Pritam says no. He discovers

Amrita tragic. Kabir asks what are you figuring, I will drive the bicycle. Pritam says fine. He goes with Kabir to the tailor shop. Jogi follows. Kabir contends with the tailor. Tailor says take the dress back, I have a lot of work. Pritam gets the tailor by pointing the scissor and says the dress will prepare in 5 mins, it shouldn’t excessively close or free, fine. Kabir says astonishing. He gets a call from Angad. He says fine, I will get the coal. He says Pritam, halwai needs the coal, I need to go now, you take Amrita’s dress and return home, please, I need to return home. Pritam says no. Kabir goes.

Guneet says we can have tea. Nimmo says no, we are making Amrita’s fav things. Biji says its a rasam, Saas cooks for her bahu. Amrita shows her bangles. She says Kabir went to get my dress. The tailor gives the dress and says the person who wears this will look a pixie. Pritam says incredible. Jogi focuses weapon at him and says drive, Rathi called you. Pritam says its dire work, I will come there myself, you will get your pack. Jogi says on the off chance that you say a word, I will shoot you. Pritam drives.

Dada ji brings Mansoor home. Everybody meets him. He asks where is Amrita. They all grin. Amrita comes and grins. Mansoor says you will stow away from me now. He favors Amrita and embraces. Mansoor asks where is Bhabhi. Dadi comes and shows mentality. Mansoor says I came to meet Amrita, not you. She says then, at that point, get lost. He says I will see her godh bhara and go, don’t show outrage on me, proceed to make tea for me.

She says I would prefer not to talk, you came after quite a while. Saroj says I will make tea. Nimmo says let it be, they are battling. Amrita says he will simply have tea made by her. Dada ji says she will make tea. Dadi says I will not. Mansoor says fine, I will go. She says plunk down, I will make tea. They all snicker. Mansoor says old relations start with battles and end on adoration, you said Pritam helped a great deal, where is he.

Rathi’s men beat up Pritam. Rathi comes. Pritam says I will not swindle you for one pack, I need to work with you, let me go. Rathi punches his face and says your time is finished, I need my sack. Pritam says they have a capacity in their home, my men can’t go there, what will they tell them, I will proceed to get the sack, this dress is of that woman, she would be pausing, I need to take the dress for her.


Amrita’s godh bharai occurs. Kabir asks didn’t Pritam accompany the dress. Amrita inquires as to for what reason did you give the dress to him. Rathi tosses the dress parcel down the structure..


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