Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 30th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins offevolved with Pritam advising Amrita approximately the rub down. She asks him to head and do his paintings, she can be able to see her baby. He says I m additionally associated with him. She asks how. He says tenant, he’s my landlord. Kamli laughs. He says I m very serious, don’t laugh, I m assisting you. She says my mummy informed me to do this. He says I won’t permit incorrect appear with Ansh. Kabir comes. He asks Pritam now no longer to combat Amrita, did he rub down any child before, if now no longer, then permit her do it. Amrita says yes, he usually interferes. Kabir says don’t combat Pritam, he loves Ansh a lot. Kabir says I m equipped to visit office, I can’t come to look you off. She asks him to visit office. Pritam says all of the best, why is Amrita going to station. She asks why do you ask. She goes. Pritam asks in which is Amrita going. Kamli says she goes to her Maayka, Ludhiana, her uncle’s daughter is getting married. Pritam says madam goes to Ludhiana. Sethi welcomes Kabir withinside the office. Kabir asks him to provide him an excellent welcome.

Sethi asks all of us to clap for him. Kabir says now, I m happy. He meets the peon. He asks for Meera. Sethi says she went to Jaipur together along with her family, include me to talk about the ad. Kabir issues for Meera. Nitin and Monty come to satisfy Pritam and communicate approximately his trip. Pritam laughs and says Bedi won’t locate me, Sakhujas will cross there, Angad goes to Ludhiana in teach, I m additionally part of their family, I can take any identity, their price price tag won’t be confirmed, they need to go together with me, I becomes Karan, make my IDs, I will idiot them to lead them to go together with me, our paintings is done. They say done.

Angad and Amrita get equipped to go away. Nimmo says I stored his heat garments additionally. Angad says price price tag isn’t confirmed. Everyone scolds Angad. Angad says definitely sorry. Pritam comes downstairs whistling. He asks didn’t you go away until now. Soni says price price tag isn’t confirmed. Pritam says Angad, you stated it’s going to get confirmed. Guneet says Kuljeet is expecting Amrita there. Pritam says include me in case you are comfortable, include me, I m additionally going to Ludhiana, I had informed Angad someday back, come along, we are able to cross via way of means of avenue. Guneet says I don’t locate motorway safe, Ansh is along. Nimmo says yes, its unsafe. Pritam says I power definitely safe, Angad is likewise there. Amrita says I won’t cross via way of means of avenue, Angad, have a take a observe any nighttime slot. Pritam says yes, she could be terrified of avenue trip. Amrita says I m now no longer scared. He says you’ve got got avenue sickness, permit it be, don’t come. She says I haven’t any avenue sickness, I had many avenue trips. Dada ji says yes, she had long past too a ways with Karan. Pritam asks what’s the trouble now, I will drop you domestic, Angad is likewise there, your wish. Angad says there may be no teach withinside the nighttime. Kamli asks Amrita to head, now no longer leave out the engagement. Everyone asks Amrita to head, they haven’t any trouble.

Amrita says Angad will power the car. Pritam smiles. Nimmo asks how will I live with out Ansh. Amrita says it is going to be difficult for me additionally. Pritam jokes on their emotional drama. Guneet says we are able to attend the wedding here. Dadi and Dada joke. Pritam waits for Monty. Monty and Nitin come. Monty receives Karan’s id. Pritam says perfect, I m simply getting into Ludhaina, Angad won’t doubt, I m simply terrified of Amrita. Monty says you’re the use of Amrita, its incorrect. Pritam says what’s the trouble, its undercover paintings. Monty says you’re tender occasionally after which ruthless. Pritam asks how will I do my duty. Soni says all of us is waiting, come. Pritam goes.

Dadi asks are you furthermore may going, Nitin and Monty. They say no. Guneet asks them to head now. Pritam asks all of us now no longer to fear, he’ll drop Amrita to her domestic safely. Dadi says we fear for you now, now no longer Amrita, you don’t realize her. They smile. Pritam sits withinside the car. Angad receives his boss’ call. He asks what, how is that this possible, I turned into leaving now, I understand, supply me five mins. Guneet asks what happened. Angad says its an emergency, there may be an IT raid in office, I even have all the principle files, I need to visit office. Nimmo asks how will Amrita visit Ludhiana.

Amrita cries for Karan. Pritam receives sad. She enjoys the street trip. Dada ji says that man had come to look our Amrita. Nimmo hears this and angrily breaks things. She argues with Guneet…


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