Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 2nd December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins offevolved with Pritam pronouncing the vicinity isn’t so properly, don’t worry, I m here. Amrita says no, I must move domestic. He says roads are intended for journeys, now no longer destinations, revel in the street trip. She says I recognise the chinese language logician stated that. He says then observe it. She says one must observe the vacation spot whilst we’re aimed to attain there, I stated this. The guy receives the tea for him. He calls Amrita Bhabhi ji. Pritam says she isn’t my wife, ask for forgiveness to her. Amrita says its a mistake of the society. The guy says sorry. Pritam says you could say Bhaiya and Didi, as a substitute Bhaiya and Bhabhi. He orders paneer pakodas.

Amrita says you need to devour pakoas now. He says yes, what’s the problem, its approximately Maayka right, ladies are so related with Maayka, they take delivery of each the houses. Nimmo receives shaken up. She remembers Guneet’s words. Soni asks what came about. Nimmo asks her to simply move. She receives indignant and throws matters. Soni comes once more and asks what came about, what are you pronouncing, inform me the matter. Nimmo says no, go away me, I will damage myself. Soni says fine, I m going. Nimmo says Guneet has to reply me, he lied to me. Guneet comes domestic.

Nimmo receives indignant on him. She takes him to the room. She makes him swear on her and say the truth. He asks her to concentrate to him once. She says the man got here to look Amrita, you didn’t inform me. She throws matters and hurts herself. He stops her and asks her to look the bleeding hand. Amrita says I had long gone to Maayka 2 years back, then lockdown came about and he used to live on the health facility day and night, he used to mention we are able to visit Ludhiana and Manali, however he went too a long way now. She cries. She says I don’t like those roads this time and I simply need to attain my vacation spot soon, I m scared that I will lose my vacation spot. Pritam receives sad. She says I need to head domestic and meet my parents. Pritam cancels the pakodas offer. She asks him to have it whilst he has ordered it. He says I promise, I will make you attain domestic tonight. She says I will name mum and dad. He says sure.

Everyone issues for Nimmo. Amrita calls. Soni says Nimmo’s hand were given wounded, its bleeding. Amrita asks what, whilst did this happen. Guneet takes the name. He says don’t worry, the entirety is fine, she takes matters easy, you inform me, are you and Ansh fine. Amrita says yes, contend with Nimmo. Pritam asks is the entirety fine. Amrita says yes. The guy receives pakodas. Pritam asks Amrita to have it. She says you’ve got got it. She receives a few horrific odor. He says its properly odor of pakodas. She says Ansh did potty. She says I must alternate his diaper, include me and help, get my purse. He says pakodas aren’t in my fate. Nimmo asks them to head away. Dada ji says sufficient of your drama, get the useful resource done. Soni does the useful resource. Amrita cleans Ansh’s potty. She offers the grimy pamper to Pritam. He passes the clean one. He says sanitize your fingers first. She says yes, sorry. He says you stated sorry, you message this, I will ave t for the future. He sprays the sanitizer. She asks him to help. He sanitizes his fingers also. He enables her.

He asks her to repair the diaper tight. She says I m his mum, I recognise. He says I m his tenant, I recognise. She says he’s going to get rashes. He says it may leak and he can fall sick. She asks him to do it, she can be able to see how he does it. He smiles and adjustments the diaper. She seems at him.

Kabir meets Vishaka. He asks do you already know me. Amrita drives the car. She dances on the Dhaba. Pritam smiles. Bedi asks is that this Pritam. He asks Pritam to expose the identityentification and eliminate the mask..


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