Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 29th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins with Pritam getting the bangles and holding them back on the table. He stows away from Amrita. He tumbles down. Amrita awakens. She doesn’t see him. She sees Karan’s pic. She says I was dreaming about you, some strong broke my rest. Pritam looks on. Amrita says I didn’t my mehendi to you, see, its stunning. She asks will you come tomorrow, its our godh-bharai, you ought to have been there with us, it was a second for us, I will rest now, I need to finish the fragmented dream which had you. She discovers the window open. Pritam stows away. Amrita says godh bharai will occur there, certainly come. She rests.

Pritam goes higher up. He thinks about Amrita’s words. He gets Nitin’s call. Nitin asks did you get the sack. Pritam says no, I just saw it, I was unable to take it. Nitin says Rathi’s men are watching out for us, leave from that point. Pritam asks that sack, you realize what can occur. Nitin says your life is in hazard. Pritam says their lives are likewise in hazard, they are acceptable individuals. Nitin says save your life. Pritam says they lost their young child, Amrita is holding back to bring forth her child, they have seen a lot of misfortune, some bliss is coming in their lives, I will not allow it to break,

I m saying this, I will not allow this family to break, Karan was a Coronavirus hero, he gave his life while saving others, Amrita is concealing her tears and grinning each day for the good of the family, I comprehend this aggravation since I additionally lost. Nitin says comprehended, we won’t abandon you, mention to me what’s the request. Its morning, Baljeet asks Guneet for what good reason did you welcome KK, why, he offended you. Kuljeet says its fine on the off chance that they come, they will favor Amrita. Baljeet says I will affront them on the off chance that they come. Amrita says you will not do this, its my godh bharai, I will choose. Baljeet requests tea.

Pritam awakens by boisterous music. He goes to see. Kabir and Angad play melodies and dance. Kabir says no, Karan isn’t here, she will get pitiful, this tune isn’t right. He sees Pritam. He proceeds to request that Pritam tell which melody will be correct. Angad says we will move on an old melody. Kabir says its Amrita’s godh bharai, Meera is coming, she will get intrigued seeing your dance. Pritam says its not with regards to Meera and Angad, its with regards to Amrita, its her day,

you need her to remain glad, do some demonstration to make her grin. Angad says indeed, we need to see her cheerful, accomplish something remarkable for her, she admonished me a great deal, she is a solid woman. Angad asks how will we respond. Pritam grins. He moves and shows them. They giggle. Pritam requests that they practice. They see Guneet yelling on certain specialists. Angad asks what occurred. Guneet says KK had shown his cash indeed. Nimmo says KK figures we can’t take care of individuals all alone, so he has sent these providing food individuals. Baljeet says its so dishonorable. Pritam looks on. Guneet says KK didn’t advise us.

Nimmo asks are we hobos. Baljeet says sorry, you have made this status yourself, KK realizes that he will kick you and you will hit him up. Kuljeet says everybody needs all family members to arrive in a capacity. Amrita requests that Pammi and Baljeet get peaceful. She asks Guneet not to blow up, possibly KK is doing this for his bliss. Angad asks will he affront us for his bliss, he ought to have addressed father. Kabir says don’t blow up, call KK and clear the matter.

Krishnakant rehearses dance at home. Apa asks what’s going on. He says I m practicing hit the dance floor with Dada ji. He requests that everybody prepare and come quick. He gets Guneet’s call. Meera comes and hears the discussion. Guneet inquires as to for what reason did you drop our halwa and send your cook. KK says caterer will make incredible food, I have fixed everything, relax, I will make the installment. Guneet yells stop your hogwash, you have shown your status to us by and by.

Precap: Amrita’s godh bharai work occurs. Pritam takes the sack. Pritam says I need to take this dress and reach here, let me go. Rathi keeps him hostage.


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