Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 29th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins offevolved with Angad and Kabir arguing. Angad asks Kabir to make Meera depart. He says I in no way cherished her, we simply had a relation which broke, ask her to depart. Doctor involves the own circle of relatives. She says affected person is responding, we might not want to do the operation. Meera asks is the toddler safe. Doctor says yes, it relies upon at the affected person, please pray. Pritam seems on. Doctor asks Amrita to push the toddler. Amrita remembers Karan.

Everyone prays for Amrita. They take into account Amrita’s words. Pritam additionally prays for her. Amrita provides the toddler. Doctor says congrats, its a toddler boy, Amrita and the toddler are fine. Everyone smiles. Nimmo thank you the physician and cries. Guneet says our Karan has come back. Doctor says you’re crying on this glad moment, Amrita is fine, transport became ordinary. They all get glad and hug. Angad says I need to dance. Guneet asks who stopped you. Kabir and Angad dance. Meera laughs. She is going to hug Angad. He stops her.

Kabir says you hug me, its a glad day today. They dance. Doctor says toddler became having trouble in breathing, affected person became introduced right here in time, else the toddler might have…. it became top that Pritam were given her right here in time, wherein is that gentleman, exit and celebrate, toddler is saved in care room, he wishes oxygen.

Nimmo says if Pritam didn’t get Amrita on the proper time, then… Angad says we scolded him. Guneet says he can’t depart each person in trouble, cross and notice him, inform him that Amrita has given start to Karan. They cross. Jogi takes the ward boy’s conceal and is going. Guneet says I will deliver the best information to dad. Pritam asks Monty to move and notice if the transport happened. He says I can’t forgive myself if whatever happens.

Nitin says they may be coming right here. Angad and Kabir luckily soar over Pritam and shout its a toddler boy, we’ve got end up Chacha, its a boy, ordinary transport, ordinary transport. Pritam says Rahul. Angad says no, our Karan has come back. Kabir says thank you for bringing her right here on time. They hug Pritam. The goon seems on and calls. Pritam cries. Kabir says we will dance now. Pritam hugs Nitin and Monty. Angad says I m very glad, forgive me please, come, dance. Kabir asks Nitin and Monty to perform a little bhaangra. They all dance. Pritam receives Rathi’s call. He disconnects.

Rathi calls again. Pritam says I m very glad today, shall I speak later. Rathi laughs and asks is it your toddler which you are so glad, you gave me faux rdx and double crossed me, you made me your enemy. Pritam says its actual rdx. Rathi says don’t lie, my guys are inner that hospital, wherein you’re celebrating, I can do whatever, go back my rdx, else I will kill that female first after which her toddler, then you. Pritam says enough, you don’t want to harm the harmless toddler and that widow. Rathi says your household are my enemies.

Pritam says I will kill you in case you contact them. Nitin and Monty come to Pritam. Rathi says you don’t recognize approximately my guys, you all are becoming watched. He laughs. Pritam says Rathi and his guys are withinside the hospital. Angad asks who’s Rathi. Pritam says only a client, come we can see the toddler. Jogi and the nurse take Amrita and the toddler. They mislead the own circle of relatives and depart. Jogi sees Pritam coming. He symptoms and symptoms the nurse to move. They cowl up Amrita’s face and take her. Nimmo asks Pritam wherein did you cross. Kabir says we became ready outdoor the best information. Pritam says I became outdoor, congrats to you all.

Guneet thank you him and says sorry, we instructed loads to you in anger, Amrita were given stored due to you. Soni says I were given indignant while you shouted on Amrita, thank you for saving her and toddler. Nimmo asks whom are you locating around, why do you appearance tensed. Pritam says I m bowled over through the best information. Guneet says its an awesome moment. Pritam asks who’s she, do you already know her. Kabir says she is Meera, Angad’s… I had instructed you approximately her. Angad says now no longer at this time. Nitin involves Pritam. He says I don’t see each person right here. Pritam says Rathi’s threatening isn’t faux. Nurse offers Amrita and toddler’s file. She says we can shift her to standard ward now. Soni says she is already shifted. Nurse says no, who will shift her, I became making the files.

Pritam asks didn’t you are taking her. Nurse says no. They all get bowled over. Nimmo says a ward boy and nurse took her. Meera says they stated they ought to hold toddler in sterilized room and affected person in standard ward. Nurse says male personnel isn’t allowed in labour room. They ask who took away Amrita. Guneet says that nurse took the toddler additionally. Pritam remembers Rathi’s words. He says perhaps a few different personnel took her, wherein is the overall ward, I will cross and notice, don’t worry.

Pritam says Rathi might have despatched me a video. Rathi threatens Pritam and offers him hours to go back the rdx.


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