Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana

YZindagi Mere Ghar Aana 28th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins with Dada ji saying I have plastered myself, its not Pritam’s error, he has saved Soni’s regard today, he is an extraordinary individual. He asks Saroj and Kuljeet. They say he is pleasant. Dada ji says I know his reality, Mansoor disclosed to me everything. Pritam gets stressed.

Dada ji says I realize who is he. They all ask who is he. Dada ji says don’t tell anybody, he is our occupant. Pritam holds his head. Kabir says Dada ji you proceed to rest. Dada ji says who will hear my jokes. Biji says stop it. Dada ji says Mansoor dislike anybody like that, Pritam is decent, he is a stockbroker, he is our occupant, is there more brew. He chides Baljeet.

Nimmo requests that Guneet take Dada ji to his room. They take Dada ji. Pritam checks out the sack. Amrita takes a gander at him. He says I m unfortunately I truly didn’t do anything. She requests that he go, he previously did a ton. Angad says it was not his slip-up, Kabir and I got the lager, we got covered up, and Dada ji had it. Nimmo says sorry Pritam, everybody proceed to rest now. Pritam goes. Saroj says see the things we got. Nimmo says we will see it tomorrow. She sends the sack with Kamli. They all go. Pritam says I became acquainted with about the pack, I need to get it this evening.

Amrita goes to her room. She eliminates the bangles. Pritam says everybody would have dozed at this point, I will get the sack. He sees Angad and Kabir coming higher up. Kabir says Baljeet assumed control over our room, we need to rest on the patio, we will make him drink jamaalgota. Angad snickers and says we know him. Kabir says indeed, for what reason does he show such disposition, we will rest in the penthouse.

Angad says its on lease. Kabir says he is our companion. Pritam says don’t think so. Angad says don’t get into Pritam’s life. Pritam says just Angad is reasonable. He figures how might I go out. Kabir says its a major day tomorrow. Angad says indeed, its a major day for Amrita, she was cheerful, however she was missing Karan a great deal, in case Karan was there… Kabir says we are with her. Angad says indeed, yet Amrita will miss Karan a ton tomorrow. Pritam reviews Amrita’s words.

Kabir says we won’t allow her to get dismal. Angad says rest now. They lie to rest. Pritam looks on. Krishnakant asks which sherwani looks great. Apa checks out him. He requests that Meera select his sherwani. She asks what’s happening with you. Apa jokes. He says I m going to initially work after Coronavirus, Sakhujas would have called the whole territory, I should look attractive. Meera says no, they called less individuals. He asks how would you know. She says that is not demon, they are battling, they have monetary issue. He says I landed Angad’s position.

Meera says yes. Apa says you benefited it. She says yet he would lack compensation till now, we must be relaxed, they have much issues. He says its not right, Amrita’s godh bharai ought to happen well, she merits it, I need to accomplish something. Apa asks what. He says proceed to rest, I will see. Pritam awakens and sees the time. He says they will destroy my whole evening. He goes first floor. He sees Guneet, Nimmo, Saroj and Kuljeet talking. Pritam stows away. Nimmo says we will allow Amrita to rest. Pritam says proceed to rest. Baljeet requests that Pammi get milk for him. Pammi goes. Pritam says he is additionally here. Kuljeet says gentlemen will rest here, women can rest in the room. Baljeet says no, I need a bed, I have spinal pain. He goes.

Nimmo gripes of Baljeet. Kuljeet says relax, proceed to rest, I needed to converse with Guneet. Pritam says rest now. Nimmo and Saroj go to their room. Guneet says I will close the entryway. Guneet and Kuljeet likewise lie to rest. Pritam goes inside Amrita’s room. He sees her grinning in rest. He grins and thinks she has a lot of torment however she is grinning in rest. He searches for the sack. He sees the bindi on the mirror and grins. He sees Karan’s pics and testaments on the divider. He show respect for Karan.

Precap: Nitin requests that Pritam take off from the house. Pritam says I won’t allow this family to break. He returns to discover the sack..


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