Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 27th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins offevolved with Dada ji and all of us asking Amrita to take care. They depart for Jagrata. Amrita is with Soni and Dadi. She is going and talks to Karan’s pic. She calls Kuljeet. He asks Saroj to make Amrita’s room equipped, there’s nevertheless time for delivery. He solutions Amrita’s name. She says I won’t include you. He says their situation is bad, they aren’t equipped for taking cash. She says no, cash isn’t everything. Saroj asks her to get Nimmo along. He says % your bags, I m doing this to your sake, take care. Amrita cries. Pritam knocks the door and shouts. Amrita asks Soni to test. She is going and opens the door.

Pritam sees her and holds her hand. She asks him to depart her. He pushes her at the sofa. He shouts and asks what do you need, you want to observe me, why, you snatched my existence and my happiness, that girl thinks we’ve an affair, you already know what is going to manifest with me now, my existence can be snatched now, why did you return back after me. He asks the own circle of relatives to return back out. Dadi and Soni come. Pritam shouts withinside the drunken state. Amrita cries. Dadi asks are you now no longer ashamed to get inebriated and come.

He says Amrita has to reply me, I live on rent, why does she undercover agent on me, provide an explanation for her to live farfar from me. He scares Amrita. He says you’re a widow, so I even have tolerated you until now. Soni asks what did she do. He says she is after me, ask her, why does she observe me, what does she need to understand approximately me. Dadi asks him to move. He asks why did you return back there, what did you inform that girl, you snatched my existence. Amrita shouts I didn’t do anything, move downstairs, else… He says I will shout to the community and inform them which you observe me. Dadi asks are you now no longer ashamed responsible her. He asks isn’t she ashamed to observe me, ask her why does she need to understand approximately me. Soni asks him to depart, else she can be able to damage his head. He asks Amrita to live farfar from his existence, else he’s going to seize all her happiness. They cry. He is going out. Dadi says I will name Guneet, Soni get water. Pritam says I won’t permit every person seize my Rahul. He cries. Amrita beverages water. She feels labour pain. Dadi asks Amrita is she present process the labour. Amrita says yes, shop me. Dadi asks Soni to name Guneet and Angad. Pritam lies at the bed. He says why does this manifest with me. Dadi seems for Amrita’s scientific document.

Rathi makes a plan. He says whilst rdx blasts, then police will look at and seize Pritam, his sport can be over. He laughs. Satija comes there and returns the bag. Rathi asks what are you doing. Satija says its a faux rdx box. Rathi says its actual. Satija asks him to test it himself. He suggests the bag contents. Jogi says Pritam double-crossed us. Satija says provide me actual fabric or go back my cash. Rathi says Pritam didn’t do accurate with the aid of using dishonest me, Pritam and his human beings will die. Soni calls Angad. She says he isn’t answering. Dadi says name Pammi. Soni says she isn’t answering, we are able to take Amrita. Pritam hears Amrita screaming. Soni says they aren’t answering. Amrita says not anything must manifest to my child. Pritam slaps himself. Dadi says move and speak to Rastogi, he has a car. Pritam washes his face. Amrita says shop me, not anything must manifest to my Karan. Pritam falls and receives up. He run downstairs. Soni is going to get assist from neighbors. She says Amrita has labour pain, there’s nobody at domestic, come fast, get the car. Chobey says I gets it. Pritam is going to Amrita. Dadi scolds him. He says permit me take her to the hospital. Amrita says don’t come near me. He lifts Amrita. She shouts and slaps him.

He says I need to take you to the hospital. She slaps again. He says get her scientific document. Soni asks in which are you taking her. He places Amrita withinside the taxi. He says I m taking her to the hospital, get her scientific document fast. Soni receives the document. Amrita cries. Pritam calls the taxi driver. He says she is a patient, pressure fast. He asks in which is the scientific document. He asks Dadi to tell the own circle of relatives. He leaves withinside the taxi. Rathi’s guys come there and notice him. They observe Pritam. Dadi receives a name. Guneet asks what happened, Soni called. Dadi says not anything is fine, simply come domestic with all of us. He asks what happened. She says Pritam took Amrita with him. He asks what, in which and why. She tells everything. He receives shocked. He asks Nimmo to name Dada ji and Angad, they need to depart fast.

Doctor talks to the own circle of relatives. She says we are able to both shop the mummy or child. Pritam seems on.


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