Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 26th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins with Amrita saying consider the possibility that Karan isn’t there, however there is a day to day existence, I m alive, its my godh bharai to favor my child. Pammi asks will you apply mehendi, you are a widow. Nimmo and Saroj feel terrible. Nimmo stops Pammi. Amrita cries. She says my Karan didn’t leave me and go, he is consistently with me, its not with regards to Karan, its with regards to me and my bliss, I need to apply mehendi, its a mother’s day, a mother has a privilege to commend each joy. Nimmo says you said it right. Pammi says when visitors come in godh bharai and talk odd things, will it look great. Biji says enough, Amrita will apply the mehendi. Amrita says Karan needs to see mehendi on my hands. Soni composes K on Amrita’s hand and applies mehendi. Dada ji completes the lager. Guneet says he will complete the other jug moreover. Pritam takes a gander at Dada ji.

Dada ji says I went to meet Mansoor and welcome him, I became more acquainted with how you helped Soni, favor you. Nimmo says we should begin the dance now. Dada ji giggles and says assuming we get an opportunity to praise, everybody grins, you did great to turn into a piece of our joy, we were enduring a lot of distress, eyes don’t dream and tears don’t stop, Karan left us, Angad’s marriage down and out, Guneet’s shop got closed, everybody attempts a ton to grin, yet there is torment inside. Guneet, Kabir and Angad hear this and get tragic. Dada ji says assuming my Karan was alive, this would have not occurred, he would have taken care of everything alone, he used to get a lot of boldness, nobody has any gripes with him. He grins and says you ought to have met him, you both would have become old buddies, we will miss him a ton tomorrow, why Lord removes our friends and family, he ought to have called me, my Karan didn’t see the world well. Pritam gets miserable. Dada ji cries. Pritam says don’t cry, please. Guneet, Kabir and Angad additionally cry. Guneet embraces Dada ji and cries. Dada ji asks what are you doing here. He asks Guneet not to cry, and drink, he will be fine. Kabir says get cheerful, don’t cry now. They hear the music. Kajra mohabbat wala… .plays… They see the women moving. They drink and dance on the patio. Pritam grins. Amrita moves. She sees Pritam higher up. Dada ji says this brew completed, is there additional. He goes to discover it. Dada ji falls on the bed and says hear a joke. They all say no. The man says Pritam was with Sakhujas. Investigator says he resembles their relative, who is this family. The man says they are a basic family, their monetary state isn’t all that great. Reviewer asks how could they get cash to embellish the house, they are acting to keep him as inhabitant, they are his partners.

Saroj says come and see the things we got. Baljeet says Kuljeet will get in case there is anything less. Dada ji comes tanked. He asks who will hear my thing, I m fine. Pritam sees the sack. Nimmo asks are you intoxicated. Baljeet says nobody advised me regarding the brew. Biji asks who took care of him the lager. Guneet says I didn’t. Amrita gets some information about it. Kabir says don’t ask me. Baljeet says its my affront, we will leave. Dada ji says we will take care of you kada. Nimmo asks who took care of lager to Dada ji. Guneet says I don’t have a clue. Dada ji says ask me, Pritam took care of me the brew, he is there.

Biji and Amrita reprimand Pritam. Pritam says I… Pammi says come ground floor and reply. Dada ji safeguards Pritam. Pritam requests that Kabir and Angad take Dada ji inside. Dada ji requests that he come ground floor. Amrita requests that Pritam come and handle things now. Pritam comes first floor. He sees the sack. Amrita gazes at him irately. Pritam thinks its extreme to take the pack.

Precap: Pritam goes to search for the pack. He sees Amrita grinning during rest. Dada ji says I know his reality, Mansoor revealed to me everything, who is he. Baljeet says confess to every one of the privileged insights today.


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