Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 24th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins offevolved with Meera slapping Naveen. She says he’s mendacity approximately Kabir, he can defame us additionally, he’s into tablets and have become an animal now. She is going. Ansh cries lots. Everyone attempts to console Ansh. Pritam isn’t capable of sleep. He hears the hearthplace crackers. He hears Ansh crying. He is going out to look. Kabir says chamo were given frightened of the crackers sound. He attempts to console the infant. Dadi additionally sings. Angd and all people sing. Amrita takes Ansh. Pritam says perhaps he has a belly ache. Nimmo says no. Amrita says we are able to take him to hospital. Pritam says permit me strive once. Amrita asks what’s going to you strive, we aren’t capable of console him, there may be no time to experiment. He says supply me once.

Dada ji and Soni ask Amrita to present Ansh once. Pritam takes Ansh. Amrita says supply me Ansh back. Pritam says wait, Kabir get the bluetooth speaker. Amrita asks what number of youngsters did you raise. Pritam says I couldn’t raise, permit me strive. Kabir asks Pritam to play this music. Pritam talks to Ansh and consoles him with the aid of using making a song a lullaby. Ansh cries lots after which calms down. Everyone smiles. Pritam places the infant to sleep. He nods to Amrita and is going.

Amrita talks to Karan’s pic. Dada ji says you probably did an amazing magic, you made Ansh sleep. Pritam says yes. Kabir says get this music from Ansh, play this if you have to make Ansh sleep. Nimmo says I desire Karan became right here, then Ansh might have now no longer wanted this music, thank you. Pritam says he slept, you all additionally sleep. Guneet says yes, we are able to move. They move. Amrita thank you Pritam. She asks how do you understand Ansh will chill out with the aid of using this music. He says its a lullaby. She asks did you sing this for care domestic youngsters or everybody dear. He says sleep, Ansh might also additionally awaken anytime. He is going.

Its morning, all people ask Kabir to visit office. Kabir says Sethi requested me to return back tomorrow. Guneet talks to Kuljeet. He says its now no longer feasible to are available in Jassi’s marriage, Angad will deliver Amrita there. Kuljeet says I understand. Guneet says we are able to do the wedding with the aid of using this residence. Nimmo says yes. Kuljeet thank you him. He asks is the whole lot going fine. Guneet says yes, what’s the matter. He is going apart to speak. Kuljeet says an alliance got here for Amrita, the man has come from Canada, he desires to see her. Guneet asks don’t you believe me. Kuljeet says I believe you, go away it, nobody will come there. Saroj says the man is honestly nice, he’s regarded to us, he’s going to trap the flight and move back, he desires to see Amrita once, there may be no hurry for marriage. Guneet says fine, ship him, whilst will he come. Saroj says today. He says fine.

Nimmo asks what’s the matter. He says nothing, Kuljeet became inviting all of us, I stated its now no longer feasible. Amrita asks is there something else. Guneet says nothing. Kuljeet’s visitor is coming right here withinside the evening, set the residence well. Angad asks who’s he. Kabir says you’re announcing like he’s coming to look a girl. Guneet asks him to close up. He says he is a few NRI, meet him withinside the evening, he’s getting a few stuff, you’re taking it domestic. He is going. Krishnakant asks Naveen to speak to inspector advert inform him the whole lot, don’t contact the medicine from now. He asks Naveen to open the door. Pritam and Nitin come there.

Saroj says welcome the visitor well. Guneet shouts on all people. The NRI man Yuvraj comes there to look Amrita.


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