Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 20th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins offevolved with Dadi consoling Dada. She says Amrita’s toddler is the purpose for our living. Angad comes and asks Dada ji are you fine. Dada ji says yes. Dadi says he changed into simply acting, he’s fine. Dadi and Dada ji argue. Angad says don’t worry, I m searching out jobs for Kabir, the entirety could be fine, make exact videos, many are making a living via way of means of videos. Dada ji asks really. Amrita says your friend’s channel were given monetized. Angad asks which friend. Amrita winks. He says yes, Rohan were given a cheque of two lakhs. Amrita says you may earn cash and deliver it to me, I m geared up to take it. Dada ji asks really, I will make a video now. Dadi argues with him. Soni comes. They ask her to make a video. Amrita asks Soni to drop Soni to her friend’s birthday birthday celebration. Angad asks will you pass like this, carrying a chawl. Amrita says she is geared up, this isn’t a shawl, however a stole. Soni asks shall I pass, take care, sorry, I m going. Amrita says don’t get emotional, all and sundry is there to appearance after me. Soni is going. Amrita asks in which did Kabir pass.

Kabir comes to satisfy Pritam. Pritam asks you. Kabir asks is the entirety fine, are you busy. He asks approximately the toys. Pritam asks him to pass. Kabir says I need a favor. Pritam says I won’t come up with cash, your own circle of relatives will scold me. Kabir says get me a job, else I must take a seat down on the saree shop, I don’t need my existence to get tangled. Pritam says fine, I will communicate to a person. Kabir hugs her. Monty calls Pritam and says a celebration goes on at your farmhouse, its a rave birthday birthday celebration, the ones men have come to get drugs. Pritam asks Kabir to leave, he’ll communicate to a person and inform him. Kabir hugs him and is going. Pritam shuts the door and talks to Monty. He says ask Nitin to attain there, I m additionally coming, preserve an eye fixed on the ones men, be careful.

The birthday birthday celebration is going on. Soni comes there and meets her pals. Pritam locks the door. Kabir says you figure in inventory exchange, I will help you. Pritam says I m in a hurry, I must pass. Kabir says I won’t have fee please. Pritam says don’t get after me, I must pass now, permit me pass. Kabir asks are you going to birthday birthday celebration, shall I come along. Pritam is going. Kabir says Soni will birthday birthday celebration today. The women ask Soni to drink. Soni says no, I don’t drink. Naveen is likewise there. He sees Soni and asks what’s she doing here. The men make amusing of her. Monty waits for Pritam. Pritam comes there and sees Monty. Monty symptoms and symptoms approximately Naveen and the drug seller. Monty says his call is Bishu, the men are in the front of us. Pritam says they shouldn’t get saved. Monty asks why did you get the gun. Pritam says we are able to do some thing large today. Soni is likewise there. She says I don’t need to drink. Nishu says existence is all approximately exploring new things, pass for it. Soni drinks. Nimmo asks did you meet Soni’s friend. Angad says I didn’t pass internal. Guneet says she is your sister. Angad asks how can I pass internal her friend’s house. Kabir says allow them to live. Angad says I will pass and choose her. Dada ji says Nimmo, allow them to get happy. Guneet says I won’t get a great sleep till she comes.

Amrita says we are able to additionally birthday birthday celebration at home. Angad and Kabir just like the idea. Everyone agrees. She receives the juice drinks. Guneet asks why those glasses, wine glass feels horrific while we placed juice in it. Dada ji says yes, we’d have taken a few drinks. Biji says don’t neglect about the mehendi night. They all laugh. Amrita remembers Karan. Nimmo asks what happened. Amrita says nothing, we are able to play antakshari. Nisha asks Soni to return back together along with her and take a line. Soni asks what. Ishani says don’t take her, she isn’t geared up for this. Soni sees Pritam there. She thinks he knew I m entering into a celebration, is he following me, no, why will he observe me, what’s he doing here. Everyone sings. Guneet is going to test the alcohol. He asks who has completed it. Nimmo says I don’t know. He asks her to get it from Dada ji’s bottle. She asks him to have ashamed. Everyone laughs and sings. Guneet is going to get a few alcohol from Dada ji’s room. Naveen says I need greater drugs. His pals funny story on him. Naveen sees Nitin there. He says what’s he doing here, I actually have visible him somewhere, whatever. Nitin meets Pritam. Pritam asks while is your 2nd birthday birthday celebration coming. Nitin says coming.

A man misbehaves with Soni. She pushes him away. Pritam involves see. Police reaches there.


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