Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 1st October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins with Pritam saying she would be holding up there. Rathi asks who is that woman, who is she to you. Pritam says straightforward, she is a widow, a good lady, I m mentioning you, let me go, she lost her significant other a few months back, her life got a single opportunity to commend bliss, I need to take this dress and contact her. Rathi and his hooligans chuckle. Rathi asks are you a street pharmacist or a tailor, a dress is more devil than the pack. Pritam says that sack is pixie for us, this dress is demon for her, attempt to comprehend. Rathi hits him and says care for yourself first. He tosses the dress down the structure. Pritam yells Rathi and falls there. He sees the dress bundle stuck on some metal poles. Mansoor asks do you realize where did Pritam go. Angad says no. Amrita asks how could you send a man like him here.

Mansoor asks what’s awful. She says what’s acceptable, he makes trouble and blows up, he resembles a hooligan. Angad asks how would you know him. Soni says indeed, your temperament doesn’t coordinate with him. Mansoor says life has a wide range of individuals, Pritam is one of them, on the off chance that you balance his integrity and disagreeableness, you will see his decency more. Angad says indeed, he helped us a great deal. Soni says he is trying, he comes like a saint consistently. Amrita asks who is he, how can he respond, he doesn’t resemble a stock representative. Mansoor stresses.

Amrita asks what occurred. Mansoor says nothing, he is perfect on a basic level, don’t go on his demeanor, he is harmed so he blows up. Kabir and companions come. He welcomes Mansoor. Mansoor embraces him and says I heard you joined a task, I m exceptionally glad. He pulls Kabir’s cheek.

Kabir says I got the coal, for what reason is Amrita not prepared at this point. Soni says she needs her dress. He asks didn’t Pritam accompany the dress. Angad says you went to take it. Kabir says indeed, I took him along, then, at that point, I went to get the coal, he planned to get it. Amrita inquires as to for what reason will he get my dress. Mansoor says he will get it, what’s terrible in it. Angad says unwind, proceed to call Pritam.

Pritam gets whipped. He says we will do a certain something, send your man with me, I will give the pack, free me, in the event that you kill me here, how might you get the sack. Rathi says Jogi, free him. Pritam gets up. Rathi says Jogi, go with him, assuming he doesn’t give the sack, shoot every one individuals there. Pritam takes his firearm and pushes him. He focuses firearm at Rathi. He says I m going, I need to take the dress,

I guarantee I will get the pack. The hooligans request that he stop. Pritam runs. He takes the dress parcel. He sees the hooligans contacting him. The hooligan hits on his head. Dada ji asks where is Pritam. Angad says its 4pm. Pammi says puja didn’t begin yet, it will be abshagun. Saroj says talk great. Baljeet says Pritam doesn’t need great. Angad says his telephone is off. Guneet inquires as to for what reason did you give Amrita’s dress to Pritam. Mansoor requests that they show restraint, Pritam will get Amrita’s dress. Nimmo asks when will he come.

Amrita says I will wear something different, puja ought to occur on schedule, I will prepare. Nimmo says OK. Pritam returns home. Everybody sees the injuries all over and body. They ask how could you get injured. Pritam says I m fine. Amrita looks on. Kuljeet asks what’s wrong. Pritam says my bicycle slide. Mansoor says he is fine, its acceptable you came on schedule, Amrita was getting a warrant for you. Pritam sees Amrita. He proceeds to give the dress to Amrita. Amrita takes it and expresses profound gratitude, you are abundantly stung.

He says not that much that I can’t endure the aggravation. He goes higher up. She requests that he stop. He doesn’t tune in. She says sculpture. He stops. She gives him the emergency treatment box and says on the off chance that you are greatly harmed, go to see a specialist. He requests that Angad clean Pritam’s injuries and do the guide. Pritam says I m fine, much obliged, its simply a scratch. She says your nose is dying. Angad says come, I will do the guide. Pritam says no, I will do, all of you start the capacity. Nimmo requests that Amrita prepare. Mansoor says come, I will do the guide. Pritam says yes. Dada ji says prepare and come quick for the capacity. Meera stays upset. She requests that Divya remove the dress and discard it.

She gets dismal and says Guneet and Nimmo made us outsiders. Mansoor does the guide. He says I had the chance to see my Pritam after numerous days, great to see. Pritam says its Amrita’s acceptable day, I don’t need anything to get off-base. Mansoor says bliss isn’t discovered well, Amrita has endured a ton, its not her age to endure. Pritam says Lord doesn’t see age prior to giving distress. Mansoor asks whom did you battle and come. Pritam says Rathi. Mansoor says that street pharmacist, you contacted them. Pritam says indeed, however there is an issue, there is a bomb in this house. Mansoor gets stunned.

Precap: Amrita’s godh bharai occurs. Mansoor asks what was the need to get the bomb here. Pritam says it got traded unintentionally. Rathi says I need that pack and Pritam.


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