Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 1st December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins offevolved with Amrita asking Angad to visit his office, its an emergency. She asks him to move and assist his boss. Nitin and Monty say Amrita won’t pass with out Angad, Pritam’s plan will fail. Pritam says I will drop Amrita, you all stated I m his family, I can do this, you all made me dance carrying a saree. Dada ji says yes. Soni says yes, you’re like family, I will go together with Amrita. Pritam says yes, come. Guneet says Soni has exams. Pritam says allow it be, Amrita can live returned if she is frightened of me. Amrita says I m now no longer frightened of you, even in case you appear to be a rod, I can deal with you. She jokes. Angad laughs. Pritam and Amrita depart withinside the car. She says you’ve got got come to be my driver. Someone comes there. He appears at Pritam. Pritam sees him. Dada ji says forestall at a few dhaba and feature food. Pritam says okay. He symptoms and symptoms Nitin and Monty to visit that man. They pass and capture that man. They see a wine bottle with the man. They signal Pritam to move. Amrita says I should attain domestic soon. Pritam jokes. Dadi asks them now no longer to combat and pass well. Nimmo says I desire Amrita and Ansh attain there well. Saroj says I will make Rajma Chawal for Amrita. Kuljeet says I believe Pritam, don’t worry, Amrita can contend with herself. Saroj asks what did Pritam do now, did Amrita depart from there. Kuljeet says Pritam is bringing Amrita through car. Saroj asks what’s this, she became coming with Angad. He says yes, however Angad’s enterprise had IT raid, Pritam became coming right here, so she is coming with him. Saroj asks what is going to spouse and children say. He says Pritam is likewise family. She says he’s only a tenant. He says neglect about it, be glad that Amrita is coming domestic with Ansh. She says yes, we are able to persuade her for remarriage. He says she is stubborn. She says we should deliver happiness in her life. He says fine, we will talk.

Amrita talks to Ansh and says its your first street trip. She name callings Pritam. She asks him to play FM, who sits silent on the street trip. He performs the FM. He hears an vintage music. She says I don’t need to listen this music. She modifications the music. He says that music had philosophy of life. She says songs have to be fun. He says I don’t like such songs, no which means and tune. They argue approximately the songs. She does tunak tunak… at the music. She says now I sense I m going domestic. She asks him to simply cognizance on driving. He says its my car, songs may be of my choice. She says sorry, I m additionally touring with you, I pays for the fuel. Ansh cries. She asks what happened. Pritam says he doesn’t like such songs. She says he’s protesting due to the fact you’re troubling me. She hears Patakha Guddi music and says its Karan and my fav music. She enjoys the music and dances. Pritam smiles.

She asks him to forestall the car. She receives down the car. She dances freely. Pritam appears on. Dada ji and Dadi have an emotional talk. He says I should ship away Amrita with a smile. She asks did you pass mad. He says Yuvraj had come to satisfy Amrita, how did you locate him. She says he became nice, who became he. He says he had come right here with a few motive, he had come to peer Amrita. Nimmo hears this and receives shocked. Dadi asks what are you saying, Kuljeet had despatched him, Guneet additionally knew it. Dada ji says Guneet knew the motive, so he became involved and upset, he has come to be Amrita’s dad. She asks are you in senses. He says yes, you furthermore mght recognize now, Amrita isn’t our bahu now, she is our daughter, we should ship her away a few day. Nimmo cries.

Pritam says sorry. Amrita says forgiven, however why. He says you’re a player, you’re taking part in the street trip. She says you’ll recognise me soon. He says Karan knew you well. She smiles. She says he used to stay me, I became his breath and heartbeat, I stopped someplace and he went. He says we are able to have tea at a few dhaba. She says we are able to get late, hold driving, I should attain my mother and father soon. He says I need to have tea. She says don’t waste time now. He says don’t neglect about I gave you lift, only a few time is needed. She says power silently, I will observe the vintage music for you. He says I may have tea. She says if I say yes, then you’ll assume I were given scared, say please to me. He says please. She says fine, if there may be any dhaba, then forestall there. He thank you her.

Amrita talks of Karan and cries. Pritam appears on. She says I will power now. She drives the car..


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