Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 19th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins offevolved with Pritam says yes, however why… I had additionally stumbled today, however I were given balanced even as balancing Dada ji. Guneet asks what do you imply. Pritam says nothing, will you get tea now or shall I depart. Amrita says I gets it. Krishnakant asks how dare Naveen push you, he isn’t answering, allow him come, I will see you. Meera says we should give an explanation for him with love, you’ve got got given this idea of cash to him, you’ve got got proven him this wealthy world, Naveen desires to live with the wealthy men, now no longer us, he’s getting farfar from us, due to you. Krishnakant says I desired to provide you a higher life. Meera says see the end result now. Divya asks him to move and take rest. He says no, I won’t depart Meera and pass. Meera says I need to have some thing organized via way of means of you. He asks her to say. She asks for fowl sizzlers. He is going happily. Meera says I simply desired to extrade the subject and despatched him. Divya asks what’s Naveen upto. Meera thinks. She says pass and assist dad.

Everyone beverages the tea. Amrita asks Pritam to reward the tea, she makes it appropriate. Guneet says Amrita makes the great tea. Dadi says Kamli stated you took many toddler toys and went somewhere, for whom did you get it. Pritam says it become a person’s birthday. Soni asks whose birthday. Amrita says he won’t inform us that he works for an NGO and celebrates birthdays of kids. Nimmo says its a very good thing. Guneet says definitely, its definitely appropriate. Nimmo asks who cares for orphans those days. Pritam says he isn’t an orphan, I m his… I m there for them.

Amrita says I m happy to recognise your appropriate thoughts. Dada ji says we can additionally rejoice my amazing grandchild’s birthday, Pritam you dance withinside the party. Mansoor calls Pritam. He asks are you fine, wherein are you. Pritam says yes, I m at home. Mansoor asks did every body let you know anything, did Sakhujas inform anything. Pritam says no, what do you imply, I m with every body right here, having tea. Mansoor says connect to them, they may be appropriate people. Pritam says yes, I m doing the equal. Dada ji says I must have spoken to him. Soni says Ishani is asking once more and once more, I will live with Amrita. Amrita says I m fine, pass and revel in with friends, Angad will come and drop you.

Soni thank you her and is going. Pritam says I will pass now, the tea become nice. Amrita nods. He leaves. He sees Nitin on the gate. Nitin offers the toys and asks him to hold it. He says Rahul will… Pritam takes the packet. Amrita seems on. Nitin says take care, I will meet you tomorrow. He is going. Pritam unfortunately is going upstairs. She asks are you fine. He says I m fine. She says you’re doing a very good work, however why are you sad, you’re faking a grin to make Dada ji happy, you may proportion your ache in case you need, I imply with Dada ji, ache receives less. Pritam says there may be no ache, I m fine, how did you are saying approximately NGO. Amrita says I simply guessed it, you don’t have a family, so that you will rejoice a person else’s birthday. Pritam says right, I don’t have any family. She asks why did you get the items back. He is going. She thinks its due to that woman. Amrita facilitates Soni and asks her to put on the get dressed she likes. Soni thank you her. Kabir is with Sunny and Ronny. Kabir asks them to assist. He argues with them. He says Meera were given emotional and I understood her ache. They ask him to name Meera, perhaps she knows his ache now. Kabir calls her. She rejects his calls. Kabir calls her once more. He asks how did you get hurt. She says Naveen… nothing… Kabir says I m in a problem, will you communicate to Shetty for a job. She says no way, Guneet needed to express regret to him, don’t be mad. Kabir thinks a way to get the job. He receives an idea. Pritam sees the toys and cries. He remembers Amrita’s phrases and says I felt appropriate, a person advised this for the primary time.

Pritam receives Monty’s call. Monty says a celebration goes on at your farmhouse, Naveen and different men have come right here for drugs. Pritam is going there. Soni is likewise on the equal party..


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