Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 17th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins offevolved with Guneet speaking to Kuljeet. Nimmo says its good, you didn’t inform him approximately Amrita. Dada ji asks did Amrita say in which did she pass. Nimmo says no. Soni says I additionally were given tensed seeing her state. Guneet says she continually takes a person alongside to the hospital, I suppose she went someplace else. Dada ji says she is involved for us, she bought the bank, don’t know… what became that file. Angad says it wasn’t a clinical file. Kabir says I will discover from her. Angad says don’t ask her a great deal, she can be able to worry. Nimmo says Soni or I will sleep in Amrita’s room. Kabir says I turns into her bodyguard. Angad asks him to discover a job. Kabir says we can try. Guneet asks Kabir now no longer to idiot them. Nimmo scolds Kabir.

Guneet asks Kabir to take a seat down on the shop. Kabir says never. She asks will you grow to be a governor then, we’ve given you a great deal time, Amrita bought the bonds for you, its sufficient now, take a seat down on the shop. Kabir asks Dada ji to provide an explanation for them. Dada ji is going. Soni says Dadu is upset. Amrita is sleeping. She recollects Pritam and that female’s argument. She wakes up. She says who became that female, what’s her relation with the tenant, he became pleading to her. She calls Mansoor. He asks how did you name me, did your Dada ji fall sick..

She says he’s fine. He asks is Dadi fine, ask her now no longer to die. She says she is likewise fine, for the reason that while do you understand Pritam. He says many years, why, did some thing happen. She asks how carefully do you understand him. He asks did police come again. She says no, a lady… I even have visible him going to the care home, he became going there with the kids’ toy, he became arguing with a female, she became pushing him, who became she, who’s withinside the care home, who’s Pritam, who’s that female. He asks why did you pass there, have been you following him, why do you take care of his existence. She says no, I noticed him there, you simply inform me, who’s on the care home, that lady held his collar, she became a totally horrific lady, you understand what she instructed me.

He asks did you meet her. She says she stuck me, she misbehaved with me, inform me who became she, in case you don’t inform me, then I will come to you. He says no want, I will come and provide an explanation for you. She says I don’t like that man, he is sort of a goon. He says he isn’t a goon, he’s related to a NGO, he is going there and spends time with kids, he is a superb man. She asks who became that lady. He says that lady is mad, she misbehaves with everybody there, she has no relation with Pritam. She asks are you announcing the truth, are you hiding something. He says no, agree with me, you all are greater imp to me, you all are my actual own circle of relatives, will I ship a person incorrect in your house, agree with me, if now no longer Pritam. She says sorry, I didn’t imply that. He says then overlook it and take care, I may have tea organized through you. She ends the name.

Mansoor says Pritam’s non-public existence shouldn’t get discovered in the front of Sakhujas. The female comes there. Mansoor asks his group of workers to go away. He asks how did you return back here, Vishaka. She asks what did you suppose, I won’t pass, that goon will do some thing, how dare he meet Rahul. Mansoor says Rahul is his son. She says he’s mine. He asks why are you doing this, what do you get this, try and understand, you’re ruining your existence and his existence additionally. She says my existence is ruined, ask Pritam to live farfar from me and Rahul, else I will spoil his existence, he misplaced his job, I will clutch his existence additionally. He asks what does he have now. She says provide an explanation for him to visit the courtroom docket and receive all my conditions, else I will make his existence hell, I will take revenge for each wound. He asks did Pritam come up with wounds and tolerated wounds. She says if he tolerated wounds, then I will harm him greater. She leaves. Mansoor says Pritam, your past’s shadow has fallen over Amrita. Naveen is going to thieve cash from Meera’s bag. Meera catches him and asks him to go back the wallet. She falls there and receives harm on her head. He asks are you okay. She faints. He worries. He takes the cash and runs. Servant comes there.

Amrita says I ought to have now no longer referred to as Mansoor, I doubted Pritam for no reason, he’s a pleasant man, he’s doing plenty for harmless person, he has a coronary heart additionally. Pritam brings Dadaji home. She rushes to him. Pritam says he became going to fall down, I held him. Amrita asks all of us to return back fast. Everyone asks what took place. He says I felt dizzy. Nimmo says you’re involved due to Kabir. Amrita says his count is solved now. Guneet says we’ve back the cash. Dada ji says yes, however we needed to promote Amrita’s bonds, did we suppose we can shop our recognize through promoting bahu’s bonds. Amrita says Karan sold it, me and this own circle of relatives had identical proper on it. She asks Pritam to say. Pritam says surely. Guneet scolds Kabir. Kabir says I did a mistake, shall I provide my existence or go away the house. Amrita sends him. She asks Dada ji to overlook everything, she can be able to make tea. Nimmo says you permit it be, I will make tea, you aren’t fine. Pritam asks what took place to her. Dada ji and Dadi say she became a great deal sick today, we concept we want to name a doctor. Pritam asks are you fine. Amrita says yes, I will make tea for Dadu. Dada ji asks her to make tea for Pritam additionally. Amrita says he doesn’t like some thing here. Pritam asks why did you are saying that, did I refuse, I additionally had kheer and godhbharai characteristic food, Dada ji fed that to me, I may have tea. He asks her to get tea. She asks are you fine.

Dadi asks for whom did you get the toys. Amrita says he works for NGO and celebrates birthday of a few kids. The own circle of relatives praises Pritam..


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