Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 16th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins offevolved with Pritam and the female arguing. She tears the papers and throws on it. He shouts. Pritam sees Amrita. Amrita turns away. She says what’s going on, who’s that female, why are they fighting. The female stops her and asks who’re you, what are you seeing. Amrita says nothing. The female asks her to mention what turned into she seeing. Amrita says depart me, allow me cross. The female says provide me phone, did you are taking our pic, all of us have to understand Pritam has an affair with you, you’re pregnant, you’re sporting his infant right. Amrita cries and runs. The female scolds her. Amrita receives harm with the aid of using a nail. The female says I will display the video withinside the court, you need to answer.

Angad asks Guneet to allow Soni cross in her friend’s party. Soni says its Ishani’s party, allow me cross. Guneet says we can’t ship you, wherein did Amrita cross. Soni says please allow me cross. Angad says Amrita is coming, don’t worry. Amrita comes domestic. She receives dizzy. Kabir says I will drop Soni and choose her up. Soni thank you him. Dada ji asks Guneet and Nimmo to allow Soni exit and spot the world. Guneet says I didn’t say sure until now. Amrita receives dizzy. The pals come to help. The female holds her. She calls out Nimmo and asks her to return back rapid and spot Amrita. Everyone runs to peer Amrita. They take Amrita withinside the house. Angad asks how did you get harm. Kabir asks are you fine. Nimmo asks did something take place to baby. Amrita says no, I m fine. She cries. Guneet asks what are you hiding from us, inform us. Nimmo scolds her.

She says I misplaced Karan, I don’t need to lose his baby. Guneet scolds Soni. Amrita says its now no longer Soni’s mistake, its my mistake. Kabir asks did you visit the doctor. Amrita takes the file. She says its of a person else. Nimmo takes Amrita to do the aid. Pritam cries and says she took my infant away, what shall I do of those birthday gifts, she ruined the entirety, she had torn the papers and threw on my face, I will take Rahul from here, he isn’t always secure here, I continually lose to her, that female is the usage of my son. Nitin says we are able to communicate to Mansoor, cross domestic now. Monty asks Pritam to recognize. Pritam sees the toys and cries. Nitin says I gets all of the things, you cross domestic. Pritam is going to satisfy Mansoor.

Soni asks did you combat with a person, a person driven you right. Amrita says no, I went to satisfy Karan’s friend, I were given harm, sorry. Kabir says dad referred to as a doctor. Amrita says no need, I m fine, don’t worry. Kabir says you may name me for help. Nimmo asks Amrita to attend to her baby. Amrita recollects the female and cries. Pritam says you promised me that the entirety may be right, that female took the infant, how. Mansoor asks him to govern his anger first. Pritam says I need to satisfy my son and hug him. Mansoor says I recognize your pain, sit.

Pritam says I couldn’t have fun my son’s birthday due to the fact that 6 years, why is that this regulation towards me, wherein did Danish make this mistake. Mansoor says no, he didn’t do it wrong, this female had were given a clause, I m sorry from Danish’s side, I desire I turned into now no longer a public prosecutor, else I might have treated your case. Pritam says I desired in the future with my son, I had made card for you, I stayed wide conscious all night time and practiced to speak to him, I couldn’t even meet him. He cries. Mansoor asks him to have patience.

Amrita asks Mansoor approximately Pritam and the female’s relation. She asks who turned into that female. The female says provide an explanation for Pritam to live farfar from Rahul, I will take revenge on him. Mansoor scolds her..


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