Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 15th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins offevolved with Naveen denying to Meera. She says your eyes are continually red, you live to your room continually, I m concerned for you, inform me, do you are taking drugs, I allow you to out, I won’t inform dad. He scolds her. She increases hand and stops. He is going. Amrita receives haldi milk for Dada and Dadi. She asks them to make a video. Dada ji receives unhappy and says no. Dadi says we’re burdening the children. Dada ji says we have become little in the front of them. Amrita says don’t suppose so, you gave true values and freedom for your children, the entirety could be fine, we can quickly pop out of this storm, Kabir gets a process quickly. Dadi says we’re scared to hold desire now, Guneet is a good deal concerned. Dada asks can I get Karan’s process now, we can get a few cash withinside the house. Dadi says yes, I may also perform a little work. Amrita says its enough, you won’t say this again, how can you figure on this age, don’t worry, I need to offer start to Karan’s child, then I will deal with the entirety.

Amrita says I need to be happy, don’t get unhappy. She smiles. She is going to her room. She lies to sleep. She remains stressed considering the own circle of relatives problems. Pritam can’t byskip time. He isn’t capable of sleep. He sings a birthday song. Amrita hears him singing. She says perhaps its his birthday, no. He acts to speak to his son. He calls Nitin. He says sorry, I need your help, I m going to fulfill Rahul, you understand I get irritated quickly, I need to exercise speaking to him. Nitin asks what’s there to exercise. Pritam says I don’t understand what to say, you grow to be Rahul, I will speak to you. Nitin acts as Rahul. Pritam talks to him. Nitin asks him to speak well. Pritam says sorry. He receives emotional whilst rehearsing. He says I don’t should cry, wait. He says I m fine, I had a good deal work, now I will come on every occasion you name me, do you leave out me. Nitin says a lot, and you. Pritam says I in no way neglect about you. Nitin asks does mummy prevent you from assembly me. Pritam shouts on him. Nitin says sorry. Pritam ends the name. Amrita asks on whom is he speaking. She sees Karan’s pic. She says why am I considering him, Karan I should do something. Nitin calls Pritam and asks are you fine, sleep now, your feelings will locate your words. Pritam says fine. He cries.

Amrita receives the documents from the drawer. She sees Karan’s pic. Its morning, the person says you may get the process in line with rules, however your shipping is due. She says yes, I desired to use quickly, I will be a part of after shipping. He says its okay, we are able to see emptiness until then. She says I don’t have any enjoy of clinical field. He says you may get any process in admin dept, however you may should see your child also. She says my own circle of relatives is loving, they may appearance after the child, I need to take Karan’s responsibility. He says Karan used to inform approximately his own circle of relatives, I m happy with you. She thank you him. Meera argues with a colleague approximately Kabir. Jatin gets rid of Kabir’s own circle of relatives images and says I will unload this in a bin. Meera takes the images. She says Kabir messaged me, I will go back the images.

Kabir sits thinking. Angad asks what happened, include me, neglect about the entirety. Kabir says I were given dad insulted. Angad says neglect about it, come. Soni says dad has forgiven you. Kabir says mum may be very irritated on me. Nimmo comes and asks did Amrita exit again, Tutu stated she noticed her going somewhere. Kabir asks wherein will she pass. She says I m now no longer speaking to you, she isn’t withinside the house. Amrita receives a name. She says I will come domestic and inform the entirety. She sees Pritam speaking on phone. She stops the auto. Pritam says how did she come, I needed to come there and meet Rahul, don’t permit her take Rahul. Nitin asks him to return back fast. Pritam leaves in an auto. Amrita follows him. Pritam meets Nitin. Nitin says she created a massive drama, pass internal fast. Pritam is going internal. Nitin calls Monty. Amrita sees the kid care domestic and thinks why did Pritam come here, he stated its his friend’s son’s birthday, wherein did he pass. She is going to see. She feels tensed seeing the children. Pritam and his spouse argue. Amrita appears at them. She says who’s this woman.

Amrita says who’s that woman, why are they fighting, wherein did they pass. His spouse stops Amrita and smiles in a evil way.


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