Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 14th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins offevolved with Guneet announcing its a brand new office, you must have were given the process the proper way. Kabir says boss’ cabin is there. They meet Shetty. Shetty scolds Kabir a lot. He says I will record withinside the police, I need my cash back. Kabir says we were given the cash. Shetty says cross and deposit withinside the accounts, cross away, you each are fraud. Kabir says don’t insult him. Guneet says you allow it be. Meera appears on. Guneet apologizes to Shetty and says me and my own circle of relatives aren’t fraud, we’re bad humans however we aren’t fraud, don’t realize how Kabir did this. Shetty says he has blackmailed me. Guneet says I realize, however he isn’t a culprit, its my spouse and my mistake to place stress on her, Kabir did this for his widow Bhabhi, Karan handed away, he changed into a covid warrior, Kabir did this below stress, I realize he did wrong, I m sorry from his side. He offers the cash. He says it changed into now no longer smooth to set up this cash, my bahu has offered the bonds that could have helped her coming toddler, forgive Kabir and us, cease this matter. Shetty feels sad. Guneet says rely it once. Shetty says its alright, I will now no longer visit the police. Guneet says middle-elegance humans have the whole thing less, however a variety of appreciate, dropping appreciate kills us. Shetty asks them to thrill cross now. Guneet and Kabir go away. Kabir sees Meera.

Amrita talks to Kabir and asks him to return back domestic soon. Soni thank you her. Amrita says Kabir did the whole thing. Angad comes. Soni asks did he go away the process. Pritam comes. He selections the gifts. Angad asks kids’ toys? Pritam says its my friend’s child’s birthday. Soni asks do you’ve got got buddies additionally. Pritam goes. Amrita asks Angad did you resign. Angad says no. Soni asks did KK uncle get the process. He nods. He tells the whole thing. Soni says Amrita solved the problem, Guneet has given 1 lakh to Kabir’s boss, she offered Karan’s bonds. Amrita says don’t say some thing now, you will end up businessman now, you earn and purchase bonds for me and my toddler. Meera comes domestic and sits sad. Krishnakant asks who’s troubling you, shall I speak in your boss. She says no, I m confused approximately the brand new campaign. He says we can exit for dinner. She says now no longer today. He says I were given a brand new credit score card. She asks what took place to you, you usually say approximately cash, person who don’t have cash additionally lives. He asks aren’t you glad with my progress. She says not anything like that, I need a few on my own time. Divya involves them shouting and says Naveen fainted in his room. They visit see Naveen.

He asks what took place to him, name the health practitioner. Divya calls the health practitioner. Pritam says my son, we can have a whole lot a laugh tomorrow. He sits talking. He reveals the rattle missing. He test the bag again. Soni asks why did you purchase the rattle so soon, its cute. Amrita says no, it belongs to Pritam. Pritam appears for the toy. Soni says its for brand spanking new born toddler. Amrita says he took the toy from the financial institution locker, cross and provide it to him, wait, you don’t cross, I will inform Angad. They see Pritam and make contact with out. He says now no longer now. Soni asks is he locating this.

Amrita makes the rattle sound. He turns and sees it. He asks how dare you contact my thing. Soni says we had been calling you to provide this. He says you must come at the point. Amrita says take this and cross. Soni asks why do you’ve got got this toddler toys. Amrita says yes, its for new child toddler. He asks why do you ask, do I ask you. Soni argues. Angad comes and asks what are you doing here. Amrita says not anything, he left something, I changed into returning it. Soni says it fell down the financial institution locker, Amrita picked it and were given it. Pritam says thank you, sorry, I can’t say you probably did a massive want on me. He goes. Angad asks why is he panicking for a toddler toy. Soni says we don’t realize. Naveen receives conscious. Meera asks why did you faint. He asks them now no longer to name a health practitioner, he’s fine. Krishnakant says health practitioner will inform the problem. Naveen says no, I m fine, I can bounce and punch, see. Meera asks Krishnakant and Divya to exit, she has to speak to Naveen in private. They cross. Meera asks Naveen are you into capsules or what. He receives shocked.

Amrita sees Pritam going somewhere. She follows him. She sees Pritam and a female fighting. The female catches her and smiles in an evil way.


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