Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 12th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins offevolved with Pritam asking Monty to hold an eye fixed on such men and take them for work. He sees Kabir and remarks on him. He is going to Kabir. He says I actually have visible everything, you obtain a decent slap from Amrita, you had a exceptional plan to blackmail boss for the process. Kabir says I don’t experience awful that Amrita slapped me, I actually have harm her heart, I m very sad, I had accomplished a process due to her slap, however I failed, I actually have harm her, I love her extra than Nimmo. Pritam says perhaps she loves you extra, so she slapped you, I m positive that she is crying in her room.

Amrita says how can Kabir do that crime. Soni says depart it, Kabir will now no longer understand. Amrita says I desire he understood his mistake, did he have meals. Pritam asks him to have meals and sleep, make an apology to every person withinside the morning. He says I m positive Amrita will forgive you. Kabir says I simply need that, I don’t need to make an apology. Pritam asks shall I make my unique omelette, will you’ve got got it. Kabir nods.

Soni says Kabir left the meals and went upstairs, permit him sleep hungry. Pritam sings and makes the omelette. Kabir sees the drawing. He asks what’s all this. Pritam says have meals and pass, that’s it, I didn’t imply that, have the meals and inform me how is it. He feeds Kabir with the aid of using his hands. Amrita comes and prevents Kabir. She asks what are you doing here, come, I actually have saved the meals ready. Kabir asks her to pass, he won’t come. Pritam asks Kabir to pass, he changed into praising her when you consider that an extended time. He says he changed into pronouncing he’s near you, he has harm your heart, he did a mistake, it doesn’t imply which you slap him.

She says he did a crook work, its now no longer a small mistake. Pritam says yes, take a process the proper way. Amrita says I defined him to take the residence responsibility. Pritam says yes, Dada ji and Guneet can’t work, Angad can’t cope with matters alone. She asks him how lengthy will I store him. He asks Kabir now no longer to problem her. She asks why am I speaking to you, you’re speaking a lot. He says you’re speaking, so I m replying. She asks Kabir why does he contain Pritam in his matter. Kabir says I didn’t say anything. Pritam offers the omelette. Amrita says you’ve got got it, I actually have cooked meals for him. Amrita and Kabir pass. Pritam eats the omelette. Amrita asks Kabir to have meals. Angad comes and scoffs Kabir. Soni says Kabir ought to have shame. Kabir argues.

He asks Angad to live satisfied and do the process. He says if everybody encouraged me, then I could have were given the process too. Angad asks what do you imply, inform me. Kabir says nothing, do your process. Angad asks him to say. Kabir says you obtain the process on Krishnakant’s recommendation. They get shocked. Angad receives irritated on Kabir. Amrita scolds Kabir. Kabir says sorry, perhaps the only who informed me is mendacity to me, you don’t depart the process. Angad asks who informed you. Kabir says sorry, overlook it.

Pritam wishes a glue for the greeting card. He says from in which shall I get the glue at night, I will pass downstairs and ask. He is going downstairs and asks Amrita for glue. Amrita asks why do you need it at this time. He says I actually have a few work, deliver it in case you need, I gets a brand new one withinside the morning. She offers him and asks him to shut the cap after using. He says I recognize. He sees Nitin on the gate. He stops him and is going to speak. He asks what are you doing here. He says Monty has despatched me pics. Nitin says I had to inform some thing else.

Pritam says Amrita is awake, inform me. Nitin says she were given to recognize approximately your utility withinside the care home, she additionally positioned an utility, she is taking the kid somewhere. Pritam says she can’t do that, I actually have positioned the utility first, I will speak to Mansoor, even final time she didn’t permit me meet, don’t permit her input the care home. Nitin asks him to relax. Amrita involves see. Nitin asks did you get Rahul’s formative years toys from the locker. Pritam says I gets it. Nitin sees Amrita coming and hides. She asks whom are you speaking to.

Pritam says there has been a person inquiring for address, you pass and sleep. He is going. She says atypical man, he changed into ordinary simply time. She thinks of Angad’s process. She says Krishnakant doesn’t need a relation with Angad. She hears Guneet and Nimmo’s talks approximately Angad’s process and Kabir’s mistake. He says we ought to pay the cash, if we don’t go back one lakh in a week, then Kabir’s boss will hearthplace the FIR, police will come and arrest him. She says no, this shouldn’t happen, we are able to lose our respect, do anything, set up the cash. He says I m questioning to promote my shop. Amrita worries. Nimmo says no, don’t suppose so, its the final wish for us. He says who will deliver us cash then.

Amrita is going to the financial institution to get the bond papers. She sees Pritam coming to get admission to his locker. He drops a toy there. Amrita thinks why does he have this baby’s toy..


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