Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 10th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins offevolved with Amrita speakme to Kuljeet on name. Everyone laughs. Guneet says I m jealous of Kuljeet. Pritam appears on. Dada ji asks Kuljeet now no longer to worry, he’s going to inform an act to Amrita, she can be able to laugh. He says he’s pronouncing she can be able to cry listening to the act. Everyone laughs and jokes on Dada ji’s acts. Dada ji says I gets 2 lakh subscribers soon. Kabir comes domestic. Soni says you got here so soon. Angad asks what happened. Kabir says nothing. Guneet asks him to mention. Amrita asks Kabir what’s the matter, inform the truth.

Kabir says I misplaced my job. They all get shocked. Nimmo asks what, why… He says my boss has long past mad, he doesn’t price us. Angad asks what nonsense, he gave you months advance, you’re calling him mad. Nimmo asks did you go away the job. Pritam appears on. Nimmo says Amrita, see you have been trusting him. Dada ji asks Kabir to mention what happened. Kabir remembers. Shetty says close up, you cheat, you blackmailer, you faked the coincidence and blackmailed me to get a job. Kabir says include me, I will inform you. Shetty says you’ll get jailed. Dolly says concentrate to me, it turned into my concept. She asks Meera to provide an explanation for Shetty. Shetty asks how do you realize Meera. He asks turned into Meera involved. Kabir says no, she isn’t involved, she rejected me in HR round. Dolly says Kabir is exact, I gave this concept to him, forgive him. Shetty shouts you’re fired, Kabir, you need to solution your own circle of relatives and police also, you’ve got got taken 1 lakh advance, go back it tomorrow. Kabir asks how will I get it tomorrow. Shetty says I need the cash, else I will name the police. Meera says supply him a few time. Shetty says I went towards you for his sake, he’s a blackmailer, wander away Kabir, I need one lakh in a single week, else I will record a case for blackmailing. FB ends. Kabir tells this to the own circle of relatives. They all get shocked.

Angad scolds Kabir. Nimmo says we ought to supply one lakh in a single week, else they may record withinside the police. Amrita cries and slaps Kabir. She scolds him. She slaps him again. She asks what did you say, you’ve got got lied to us. She says I even have usually overlooked your mistakes, it turned into harmless mistakes, you didn’t cheat anyone, however now you’ve got got learnt to make massive mistakes. Angad says you’ve got got crossed limits today. Guneet says I informed all and sundry which you are doing a job, what is going to I inform now, you blackmailed your boss. Dada ji says you didn’t do that right, there may be a distinction among mistake and crime. Amrita says if Karan turned into right here today, then he could be so hurt. Kabir apologizes and hugs her. Soni says you probably did a awful thing. Pritam thinks he were given caught, he has a crook mind. Everyone cries. Guneet says he misplaced the job, we ought to supply 1 lakh in a single week, else police will come again. Nimmo says the cash were given spent in godh-bharai, we saved financial savings for Amrita’s delivery.

Meera comes domestic worried. She thinks shall I inform Angad, no, if all and sundry knows, then… Angad has no courtesy to name, Kabir understood my emotions, what did you do Kabir. Krishnakant asks what happened. She says I m upset, irritated and frustrated. He says I recognize why, I had known as your office, you left until then. She says don’t misunderstand me. He says I didn’t do anything, Apa went via way of means of her wish. She asks where. He says Chandigarh. She asks why. He says she has long past to look his sick relative. Divya and Naveen fight. She says you took my cash. He says no. The pills packet fall there. Divya says I even have visible him stealing cash. Naveen says I didn’t steal. Krishnakant says its now no longer exact in charge him. Naveen sees the medicine packet fallen. Krishnakant says I will supply the cash. Naveen says I don’t need. He stands at the packet. Meera asks Krishnakant to name Apa. They visit communicate. Naveen selections the packet.

Pritam receives Mansoor’s name. Mansoor says yes, you could visit care domestic and have fun his birthday, I were given the courtroom docket order. Pritam says thanks so much, I can’t say which you did a massive paintings for me, I don’t need to overlook his birthday, ultimate time, that girl didn’t allow me meet him. Mansoor asks what present are you taking in your son. Pritam says I will take my life, all of the gifts. Mansoor asks what’s occurring there. Pritam says Kabir misplaced his job. Mansoor asks how, I will communicate to Sukhbeer/Dada ji, you are taking care. Pritam thank you him and sits to make the gifts. He remembers Amrita and cries. He receives a message. He assessments Naveen’s pics.

Pritam talks to Nitin. Nitin says she were given to recognize approximately your application, she is taking the kid from there. Amrita sees Pritam and is going to look. Pritam says she shouldn’t take him. She hears Guneet pronouncing he’s going to promote the shop. She says no, I will make the whole lot fine.


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