Bollywood actress Zarine Khan has often been compared to Katrina Kaif. When she was seen in the film ‘Veer’ with Salman Khan , the fans trolled her a lot by naming her Katrina Kaif. She was even called up to Katrina’s copy. After this, Zarine Khan did the films ‘Hate Story 3’ and ‘1921’. His acting was truly commendable. Zarine Khan spoke openly, from negative comments to comparisons to Katrina Kaif’s name.

In a conversation with the Times of India, Zarine Khan said, “I had no plan to become an actor. I had never seen myself in this picture. I actually started after entering the Struggle industry. A lot of Criticism came my way. I had to struggle a lot to get a select few rolls. Did not get work for long time. Whatever was written for me, it would only get negative comments. It was very difficult for me to come out of it. The people of the industry also had a fixed perception about my image. Nobody was ready to give me a Serious Role, with whom I wanted to experiment. ”

Zarine says that this is a dangerous circle, in which no one wants to let you show your talent. You are judged for doing the same role. I’m stuck. Even today people call, message and meet them, so that I can get the roles that I want to do. I can’t live on screen as a glamorous doll.

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Zarine further says that when I stepped into the industry, people called me Katrina Kaif’s face. I really don’t know where this thing came from. Even before my photos and interviews came, someone took a photo from my Facebook account and made an appearance for Katrina Kaif and I made headlines overnight. At that time social media was not so powerful as it is today. We all depended on newspapers and media houses. I feel that people did not get a chance to know me, to recognize my talent. Our audience is also strange. She believes what she is shown. She makes no opinion of herself.

Zarine Khan says that it is difficult for me to adopt this. When I got the film Veer, the makers asked me to gain weight. I was to play the role of the 18th century queen in that film. People did not like it. They started shaming me fat. I was called ‘Fatrina’. Gave me this tag. Whenever I went to events, kept my point, I was not shown well. Everyone used to talk about my weight. Used to write bad things about me. I had lost myself. I used to exercise four to five hours a day. Then I understood this circle. Realized that no matter how much weight I lost, I could torture myself. It is very important to keep one’s mental balance. I am a strong woman and I do not need to compare myself to anyone.


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