Yuzvendra Chahal and Dhanashree Verma release wedding film, watch Fairytale video

The wedding video of Indian leg-spinner Yuzvendra Chahal and his wife YouTuber Dhanashree Verma has surfaced. This video is now being shared fiercely on social media. Many types of expressions are captured in the video. At the same time, many players of the Indian cricket team who attended the procession are seen dancing. This video has been shared by Dhanashree and Yuzvendra on their Instagram. More than 5 lakh people have liked the video so far.

It can be seen in the video that both of them looked very happy during the wedding. At the same time, Yuzvendra is saying, “There is a risk in everyone’s life after marriage.” The video is shot beautifully. This wedding video of Chahal and Dhanshree has come out after a long time. However, both periodically share photos and videos related to the wedding. This couple is well liked on social media.

What is special in the video

In the video, Chahal and Dhanshree are seen very happy. Many family members are also involved in the marriage. Dhanashree is also seen addressing the people. Both are also seen doing photoshoots with each other. The videos of Chahal and Dhanashree have been viewed millions of times so far. At the same time, his fans are also seen giving their reaction fiercely. One user wrote, “Both look very cute together.” One user wrote, “The wedding photos and videos are awesome.” At the same time, a user praised Dhanashree and wrote, “You always keep making progress like this.” Please tell that both of them got married on December 22, 2020.


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