YS Sharmila: Is YSRTP Founder YS Sharmila New Emerging Leader In Telangana Politics, So Who Did She Leave The Arrow?: YS Sharmila Arrest Episode: In the past, Sharmila repeatedly said that she was the arrow left by Jaganna during her extensive tour in Andhra Pradesh. With this, she became the brand ambassador of Banam. But after falling out with his brother Jagan..

YS Sharmila: Kalvakuntla’s comment on Twitter saying ‘The arrow that he left is the lotus flowers that are growing…’ has now led to an interesting discussion. It is a well-known fact that Kavitha made this comment at the direction of YSR Telangana Party President YS Sharmila. But targeting Sharmi directly, Kavitha gave a certificate saying that she is an arrow left by BJP. Sharmila has repeatedly said that she is the arrow left by Jaganna during her extensive tour in Andhra Pradesh. With this, she became the brand ambassador of Banam. But the Telangana leaders are now using the same arrow on Sharmila, who formed a party in Telangana after breaking up with her elder brother Jagan. At the same time, Sharmila, the arrow left behind by the BJP, is being brought to the fore and the saffron party is throwing lotus flowers at her.

Why the saffron seal on Sharmila?

Sharmila has just walked more than three thousand kilometers in the name of padayatra to launch a new party in Telangana. During the 2014 elections, when his elder brother Jagan was in jail, he set a record by walking three thousand kilometers to bring his party YSR Congress Party to power. Now he is marching to strengthen his own party in Telangana. Perhaps in the future she will also set a record as the woman who has trekked the most kilometers in the country.

In the past, the dialogue where he had said that Jaganan was the arrow left by Jaganna went widely. But now there are many reasons for TRS to stamp her as an arrow left by BJP. After her arrest in Hyderabad, BJP leaders tweeted in support of her. Especially Union Minister Kishan Reddy and Bandi Sanjay tweeted condemning her arrest. In addition to this, Governor Tamil Sai also tweeted in support of Sharmila. With this, TRS leaders are highlighting the same issue and criticizing Sharmila and BJP. Even Kalvakuntla Kavitha, who never commented anywhere about Sharmila in the past, even criticized Sharmila, is now tweeting against Sharmila. They criticized that she is the arrow left by the BJP and that’s why they say she is Tana, which means they are all Tandana. After Kavitha’s comment… she got a saffron seal.. Why is she being promoted under the BJP agent just by showing support.. She has been criticizing TRS ever since she founded the party and never even calls BJP a village word.. is the argument of TRS..

Ys Sharmila

Is that what Sharmila wanted..??

In Hyderabad, her vehicle was lifted by the traffic police with a crane and taken on the streets of Bhagyanagara, which brought tremendous mileage to Sharmila. The TRS party, which until yesterday did not care about Sharmila at all, is now attacking. As part of the padayatra… Sharmila started a protest by criticizing Narsampet MLA Peddisudarshan Reddy, and then his relatives attacked and set fire to cars along with her campaign. As a protest, Sharmila tried to come to Pragathi Bhavan by taking the vehicles destroyed in the attack and driving herself. This also brought her sympathy.

The fact that the woman was sitting in the car and the police locked the car with the help of a crane became a national issue even though the national media highlighted it. It is being discussed that this is what Sharmila wanted. Because no one took her seriously since she threw a party. Neither party cared much. In fact, Sharmila’s political existence is limited. Even though she traveled all over the state of Telangana..even if she raised protests every Tuesday on many issues..even if she took up protest programs at Indira Park, nobody paid much attention. But after that she changed her strategy.. If she campaigned in any constituency, she started criticizing the MLA there. Some TRS MLAs had to criticize Sharmi again due to her criticism. At one stage, Telangana Minister Niranjan Reddy’s criticism of her as Maradalu on Tuesday sparked a furore. Sharmila tried to take it to the people by saying that he was making such vicious comments toward a woman. However..in the end the minister had to take back those comments.

After that, Sharmila spoke directly targeting KCR.. and made people’s attention turn towards her by making sensational comments saying that there was a conspiracy for the death of her father YS Rajasekhara Reddy. Now together.. After criticizing the Narsampet MLA during the Warangal Padayatra, the TRS activists attacked her car and campaign chariot and took her into custody and the police took her to Hyderabad. But everyone thought that the next day the padayatra would be undertaken as usual. But as no one expected..she was driving the attacked car herself and trying to come towards Pragathi Bhavan with the campaign blood and then the arrest of her by the police became a hot topic.

Has Sharmila’s mileage increased with the arrest?

Political analysts previously opined that it was impossible for Sharmila to have a presence in Telangana politics. But now she has become a sensation in Telangana politics. Sharmila has made everyone who didn’t even care about her all these years talk about here.. Sharmila managed to add her party’s name in Telangana politics. Sharmila succeeded by directly targeting KCR and TRS.

Now, if she is sitting in the car, the police tie her car to a tropical vehicle and lock her on the roads has become a topic of discussion all over Telangana. And BJP fully supported her. She is highlighting the point that a woman can be dragged on the road in such a bad way. Inevitably, both Kalvakuntla’s poem and TRS leaders now have to speak against her. All the TRS leaders who thought that if they criticized her until yesterday, if they cared about her, it would be like giving her unnecessary mileage, now they recognize her as a leader of a political party. By criticizing her, she was given a place in Telangana politics. The carjacking incident in Hyderabad is also being discussed in the political circles that there is a possibility of taking Sharmila widely in future politics.


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