NCB arrested college students with drugs and 2.3 lakh cash, supplied drugs to Bollywood celebs

Youth Spoil Life With Drugs: Youth Of Suryapet Who Are Addicted To Drugs: Due to the influence of technology, the youth is addicted to drugs. The youth who are addicted to addictions are treading new hurdles for intoxication. It is worrying that some people who are addicted to ganja, smoking, and Madhyam are destroying their lives… while others are getting used to trends beyond that and getting worse. Youth break new ground for intoxication. Addictions to cocaine, heroin, marijuana, alcohol, smoking… and some even opting for new trends are worrying.

It is alarming that 12 youths in the suburb of Nallabanda Gudem of Kodada Mandal of Suryapet district are drinking cough medicine containing codeine phosphate mixed with soda for intoxication. After receiving reliable information, the police attacked and arrested the youths. The seizure of a large number of cough medicine bottles from them is now a cause for concern. Meanwhile, the parents of the youth were counseled by the police and a case was registered… Doctors prescribe the drug Tossex, which belongs to the Schedule H one drug category, for severe cough and cold problems only in some critical cases.

10ml for adults and 2.5ml for children should be used only as per the doctor’s advice. Chlorphenamine 4mg, codeine 10mg drug is manufactured by drug companies and should be used for serious illnesses. But it is a concern that young people are enjoying large amounts of intoxicants, with two or three bottles of 100 ml per day being consumed. Young people who are used to this cough medicine are getting seriously ill including minors. Doctors say that if this drug is taken in excess of the dose, kidney disease, liver problems, etc., along with a decrease in the immune system, heart diseases will occur and it will have a severe effect on the mental state.

Cough medicines supplied by some companies contain high doses of the drug codeine phosphate. These medicines should be stocked by medical shopkeepers only with the permission of the medical department. The medical shop has to supply the drug to the customers only if the doctor writes the prescription for the patient. But some shops are selling to customers without following any rules.. hoping for high money. In that, some shop owners are targeting the youth and supplying coffee syrups containing phosphate drugs. Due to the negligence of the medical department and the non-inspection of the drug inspector, the traffic in the medical shops goes out of control. Youngsters and students are drinking bottles of cough medicine and swaying intoxicated.

Recently in the Kodada area of ​​the Suryapet district, a young man got addicted to this drug… his health completely deteriorated and the issue of using this drug came to light. After receiving the information, the police entered the field and arrested 12 youths between the ages of 16 and 22 who were using this drug. The police, who reached the scene, called the parents of the youth, counseled them, and registered a case. The investigation by the police revealed that the youth had been addicted to this drug for about a year and a half. Police appeal to the parents to keep an eye on their children’s behavior and movements.


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