Mentally ill son kills father by hitting him with cricket stump, police arrested

Supaul: Manoj Sah, the 20-year-old son of Ram Babu Sah of Ward 7 in Nagar Panchayat Birpur, was killed on Friday morning with a knife. After the murder, the accused killer escaped from the incident. The incident is being told today (Friday) morning.

As soon as the information was received, the police arrived at the scene of the crime and immediately questioned the killer’s father Mohammad Rahmat and his sister and brother in custody. In connection with the incident, it is being told that the murder took place in a love affair. As soon as we got the news of the incident, the local people gathered and kept the body on the middle road near the Hatia Chowk Hanuman temple and demanded to hang the killer. Were.

Birpur ASP Ramanand Kumar Kaushal is camping with his team at the incident site. There was a demand from the local people that the local MLA be brought to the spot and at the same time arrest of the killer would be allowed to take place. The jam situation continued at Hatia Chowk for about 4 hours. After much effort, the jam was cleared after the ASP extinguished and the body is being brought to Veerpur police station and is preparing to send it to Sadar Hospital Supaul for post mortem.

In relation to this incident, ASP Ramananand Kumar Kaushal told that an application has not yet been received from the family of the deceased regarding the incident. Three people are being interrogated taking custody of the accused’s father, sister and brother.


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