Young Heroes: Young Heroes Who Are Becoming Producers: Present young heroes are not content with being in front of the camera. They are also excited to be behind the camera. Entering the field of film production as well.

adYoung Heros: The present Young Heros are not content with being in front of the camera. They are also excited to be behind the camera. They are also trying to increase their craze by entering the field of film production. Recently many young heroes are following this path.

Once upon a time, star heroes in Tollywood put up their own banners and produced the best movies and held those banners prestigiously. Today’s boy heroes are following the same strategy. Now many young heroes almost have their own banners. While balancing his career as a hero, on one hand, he is taking care to make his mark as a producer on the other hand.

Nani is a natural star hero who shows his mark by choosing roles with various stories and scope for performance. At the very beginning of his career, Nani showed his ability as a production partner for the movie ‘Dee for Loot’. After that established the banner Wall Poster Cinema and directed ‘A!’ He produced a movie called Although the money did not come much, the name and awards came. After that, he produced an investigative thriller called ‘Hit’ starring Vishwak Sen under the same banner. This movie was a blockbuster hit and got good profits. Now he is producing a movie called ‘Hit 2’ under the same banner. This movie, starring Adivi Sesh as the hero, is going to hit theaters worldwide on December 2.

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Mega Power Star Ram Charan who is one of the present Tollywood pan India stars has also become a producer. But Charan said that he became a producer-only for his father. ‘Khaidi No 150’, directed by VV Vinayak, was the megastar’s re-entry as his first attempt under the banner of Konidala Productions and received huge success. After that, as a second attempt, he made the movie ‘Saira’ with Chiranjeevi but it didn’t work out. Cherry’s third movie ‘Acharya’ produced as a production partner was a disaster and the recently produced ‘Godfather’ was a super hit.

Nithin, who made his debut as a hero with the movie Jayam, then established himself as a hero in Telugu with several hit films. After that, with the idea of ​​taking a break from his flop, he founded Shrestha Movies and produced the movie ‘Ishq’ as his first attempt. Nithin became successful as a producer and hero after the sensational success of Ishka directed by Manam fame Vikram Kumar. After that, he produced ‘Gundejaari Gallanthayinde’ and the movie was a super hit, but the next ‘Chinndana Neeparad’ with crazy director Karunakaran did not meet the expected level of success. Nitin introduced his friend Akhil as the hero and produced the movie ‘Akhil’. But it turned out to be a disaster. Nithin also produced the recently released movie ‘Macharla Niyojaka Kaggi’ which also turned out to be a disaster.

Young hero Sharvanand became a producer and established Sharia Arts banner and produced the film ‘Ko ie Koti’ as his first attempt. The movie was a disaster at the box office. Another hero Sandeep Kishan also took the avatar as a producer and established the banner of Venkatadri Talkies as an effort and produced a movie called ‘Ninu Vidani Niedanu Menu. Now Sandeep is producing films consecutively. Another hero Sudhir Babu also established a banner under the name of Sudhir Babu Productions and thought it was okay to make a movie ‘Nannu Dochukunduvate’ as his first attempt.

Nandamuri Kalyan Ram.. Kalyan Ram, who made his debut as Nandamuri’s successor, started his own banner in 2005 under the name of his grandfather Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao. The movie ‘Athanokkade’ produced by himself as the hero in that banner was a sensational success. He produced films like Hare Ram, Jayeebhava, Kathi, Om 3D, Patas, Kick-2, Izam, and Jai Lavakusa. After a short gap, Kalyan Ram’s recently produced socio-fantasy movie ‘Bimbisara’ became a blockbuster hit. Rs. Built with a budget of 40 crores, around Rs. It collected 65 crores at the box office.

Recently, young sensation Vishvak Sen also produced Falak Nama Das as the hero and made it a hit. Now soon he is producing the movie Dhamki himself as the hero. And Rana is running Suresh Production which was founded by his grandfather. Many young heroes are also becoming a part of the construction industry.


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