Kapoor is commonly used in pooja-havan, but do you know that camphor is used in other works. The use of camphor in Ayurveda is considered as a disinfectant and air purifier.

Camphor for freshness in the
house, if you feel strange smell in the house, then light the camphor in the house and show the flame in the whole house, it will not only clear the surrounding air but will also show freshness in the house.

Skin protection:
One of the properties of camphor is that it takes complete care of the skin and does not let problems like pimples, pimples, pimples, scars and boils wander around. For this, you have to apply oil on your face every day.

It makes hair strong,
camphor oil is also considered very beneficial for hair. Camphor oil should be mixed with any other essential oil and applied to the hair. In this way it strengthens the hair roots and removes the problem of hair loss.

Heals torn ankles In
winter, heels are torn. To get rid of this, make a little warm water and add some camphor tablets to it. Keep your feet in this water for some time and then clean it. You can adopt this remedy for 15 to 20 days.

It is
very common to have a wound on the body or a little burning of hands while playing rest in the wound . For this, we often use some antibiotic cream or medicine, but if you use camphor instead, you will get quick relief.


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