You Made Me A Communist: 70 Years Since He Was Immortalized In The Arena: A moment in the history of Malayalam drama Bhasi’s tree turned to stone “You made me a communist” Political drama in the color of ’70s. Progress for social progress in Kerala Answa on the stage of a fast-paced drama Rama will complete 70 years on the 6th. Kerala People’s Art Club (KPAC) The first play was on December 6, 1952. At nine o’clock in the night, Kollam Chawara Thattasheri Maida’s Good luck with thatched roof Relay was the first appearance.

70 years of drama In 15,000 venues. Indian cinema is so much more. Another country introduced in No desire. 70 consecutive plays in a banner Loka Nadaka introduces the year A record in the field. Life in Madhyathiru Withamkur The play was circumcised. Tragic pictures of broken gates and endless suffering The revival of Takam called out loud.

Agricultural labor against landlords The revolution organized by Shuranad Ke is the result of the death of Sama, who was trapped in the That’s enough “You have made me a communist’ in the play Thoppil Bha C is writing. We were under the pen name Soman. Taka Rachna. N. Rajagopalan Nair and G. Jana Natak Samvidhanam is also joined by Rdnakurup. done Songs written by poet ONV Kuru Pum Sangeeta was composed by G. Dey. Varajan is. Directing the drama since 1958 La Topic Bhasi stopped and started. 30 years since Thoppil Bhasi passed away Even in the 70th year when Shangal retired. The play is staged in the name of Hath. Th.

The legal battle against prohibition

The political mind of the Kerala community is decided. Drama plays an important role in Carried A big step for Kerala theater KPAC to plant “”You made me a communist” helped a lot. Political opponents of the play Te attack and government ban face Tandy has come. People’s feelings against the government In March 1953, the Govt. The play was banned. The play ignored the ban As the race continues, Kovalam All the actors in the drama from The They were arrested and charged. For two months through the legal battle Shaman removed the ban.

It is the first play banned in the state “You made me a communist. After the drama was banned Thiruko, who was the chief minister at that time A Diva in the Chi Government Legislature The entire chapter discussed this. was there Such a discussion is a matter for Parliament Thril is the first. In 1957, under the leadership of E.M.S. First Communist Cabinet in Lath Compiled by “‘You made me a communist’ is a drama. This is the pricing. So much for a tumultuous time. The creative stream that is interwoven in From the pen of Yai Thopil Bhasi A born and gifted person Realized by Gham artists Petta drama Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru’s subordinates were pleased to see it. Good luck.

Only one person remains

Kerala’s communist front Tathra is a staged drama “‘You made me a communist’ Getting Campishery, O. Madhavan, Punalur Rajagopal N Nair, PJ Anthony, Thoppil Krishnapillai Shown on stage by attendees Brilliant show. After 70 years of drama, The art that worked in color and on stage All but one of the factors They all hid inside the forest. Vijayaku acted in the drama Only Mari (O. Madhavan’s wife) is alive now. Just funny. Vijay plays the role of Meenakshi Played Yakumari in the play. The duration of about five hours in the beginning There were 27 songs in the drama. was Later the time was shortened to two hours. The number of songs is also reduced.

In about 50 venues every year, the name changed to Gul. And the film

Thrasippi in a packed audience even after 70 years Continue to view the drama. Each within and outside Kerala Plays is performed in 50 theaters every year. There is 90 percent of the audience are young people. Get ready and work. Dialogues in the first version of 1952 There is no change in the scenes. Still the presentation of the play. 11 people are acting. Kayamkulam comes to the main roles of Rajendran and Anitha, who are natives. Chennai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad in India Theater in local cities and abroad Ravdhi reached the stage. The play was released in the US and the Gulf States. Ripped. “It was called ‘broken gate’. Must be in the Gulf states. “In the name of ‘You made me a communist’ For lack of permission The name has been changed.

70th anniversary of Thoppil Bhasi commemoration Kaghosham

Published by Prabhat Books “You have turned me into a communist’ book by Oro Var Shaw also sells thousands of Copies of Millions of copies over 70 years reached the market. Still a best seller. In the 70th year, a new edition is also being downloaded. 30 years since Thoppil Bhasi passed away At the time of completion of the C Foundation on December 8 at 4 pm Thiruvananthapuram Joint Council Ha Commemoration organized by In the report “The 70th season of the drama ‘You made me a communist’ Rshika Ghosh will also be held. Written by Dr. Vallikkav Mohandas and Prabha The play promoted by The Books Rich textbook ” Shona Bimbam on the stage” will be announced at the ceremony.


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