There is always a doubt or question in the mind of most people about keeping Shivling in the house, whether the Shivling should be kept in the place of worship of the house. There is a confusion in the society that if Shivling is kept in the house then it is inauspicious and by doing so troubles start coming. But this is not true. Shiva means one who does well. He is the father of the world and who has drank poison of Kalkuta to protect the world, how can he destroy it. Lord Shiva is a benefactor who gets delighted very quickly and easily. If you need anything from Lord Shiva, it will not take much time to please them. There is no harm in keeping Shivling at home, rather it will benefit you. Shivalinga is the formless form of Lord Shiva. An idol of any form of God is installed in two ways. One is mobile reputation and the other is life.

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In temples, the idol of God is consecrated for which very strict rules are to be followed whereas the idols which are kept in the place of worship of the house are not honored. It is a mobile reputation. That is, our feeling is complete there, but you are not bound by the rule. In such a situation, you must keep Shivling in your house, but do not make his life respected. If you keep your life Shiva lingam in the house, then you will come under the rules and you will feel guilty if the rules are broken. It is not possible to follow the rules daily in the family. Therefore, a life-size Shiva lingam is installed in the temple itself, while consecration will not be done in the house. In such a situation, keep the Shivalinga in your house without any doubt and doubt. But do not make his life respected. You can bring Shiva lingam and keep it in your place of worship by doing anointing normally and consecrate Lord Shiva. This will benefit you and the blessings of Lord Shiva will always be on you.


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