Yeshu 5th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Tamil Nadu government passed the bill last week with a 10.5% reservation to meet the 20% internal reservation demand of the Vanniyar. The Southern People’s Party has filed a case in the Chennai High Court against the bill, which has been approved by the governor.

For the past several years, a series of protests have erupted across Tamil Nadu on behalf of the BJP demanding quotas for the Vanni. The agitation, which had been going on for a few years, resumed three months ago ahead of the assembly elections. The protests in various parts of Tamil Nadu were expected to lead to twists and turns in the AIADMK assembly elections.

Similarly, AIADMK ministers who met BJP founder Ramdas at his residence last month held talks on the electoral alliance. He said the alliance could only negotiate after confirming their demand for a quota. With the return of AIADMK ministers to Chennai, talks were held on the 3rd of last month at the residence of Minister Thangamani in Chennai regarding the reservation.

Following this, Chief Minister Palaniachai, who addressed the assembly last week, introduced a bill providing 10.5% reservation for the Vanni. The bill came into force following the Governor’s approval of it. Following this, talks on an alliance between the two parties were concluded and 23 constituencies were allotted to Bamako. The Bamaga side was informed that we had reduced the volumes due to further reservation.

In this context, the Southern People’s Party has filed a lawsuit against the 10.5% reservation given to the Vanni. In this connection, the founder of the Southern People’s Party, Ganesan, has filed a petition in the High Court, enacting a law providing for 10.5% reservation for the Vanni, out of the 20% reservation for the most backward. He questioned how the law was passed without completing the survey, which has already begun.

Out of the 20% reservation for the most backward, 7.5% is given to the Sears who belong to the 68 castes, while 10.5% is given to the Vanni who belong to the 7 castes. Thus only 2.5% reservation will be available for the remaining 22 castes in the most backward class. And if you really thought you had to make a reservation for the Vanni, you should have done it before. He also noted that the law is currently being enacted for electoral gain in the run-up to the elections.

He has demanded that the Government of Tamil Nadu be ordered not to take any further action under this Act. The case is expected to come up for hearing soon.


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