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Megan Merkel, the younger daughter-in-law of Britain’s royal family, recently gave an interview. In this interview to popular American TV personality Oprah Winfrey, Megan made many serious allegations against the Royal Family and also made many big revelations. Fans and celebrities are now responding to this interview. At the same time, the reaction of veteran Bollywood actress Simi Grewal has also come to light. Simi Grewal shared the post on social media saying that Megan is lying and using ‘racism card’ to gain sympathy.

Simi Grewal is lying to tell her the Victim , “I can’t believe Megan is speaking all these things. She is lying to tell herself the Victim. To gain sympathy.” “Evil, using the racism card.” Simi wrote in her second post, “I withdraw my ‘evil’ word. Thinking which word would be better.” These posts of Simi have gone viral on social media. Now fans of Simi are giving their response on this.

Britain’s Prince Harry and his wife Megan Merkel, who broke away from the royal family, accused Megan Merkel of the Royal Family in Sunday’s interview with Oprah Winfrey made several big revelations. During this time, Megan Merkel said that her independence was greatly reduced after joining the royal family. Life in the Royal family was very lonely. He was also not allowed to go to lunch with friends, as he was heavily covered in the media. Megan said that there was a time when I was completely broken. I did not want to live and used to think about suicide.

Megan said, “I knew as much about the royal family as my husband Harry told me. People think it’s a fairy world, but the truth is quite different.” Merkel reported that they had married three days before the royal wedding. The royal wedding of both of them, which took place on 19 May 2018, was just a formality. Megan said that on the day of the royal wedding she knew that this day was more important to Harry and the world than him.

Rules to make Prince a revenge due to son Archie’s different color The
royal family did not want to make Harry-Megan’s son Archie a Prince, because he feared that he might be non-white. The family had discussed Harry before Archie was born, it was painful. Megan said I was pregnant, the rules were changed at that time. I was shocked by the news, because the issue was not only about the title but also with the security.

Megan said that her biggest mistake was that she trusted the royal family. The royal family promised that they would always be protected, but this did not happen. Harry said that Father Charles disappointed the most. After stopping financial help, there came a time when he had stopped picking up the phone. My mother would have been sad to have seen Princess Diana. The royal family could have shown public support on this occasion, but sadly no one said anything. During this interview, Harry-Megan told that they are going to be the parents of a daughter soon.


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