Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Kartik and own circle of relatives gambling dumb charades. Manish and Akhilesh can’t guess. Kartik attempts hard. Sirat calls Kartik and says you all are taking part in well, you didn’t ship any video. Kairav says sorry, Dadi requested Kartik to do a movie act, no person is capable of guess. Sirat says display me. Kartik acts. Sirat sees him and says Kal ho na ho. Kairav asks how did you guess, did dad inform you. She says I don’t want phrases to recognize him. Kartik takes the telecellsmartphone. He asks shall I come to choose you, I m lacking you. She says I can depart exercise and come. He says no want. She says we are able to have many such picnics and events soon. He asks her to take care. Her exercise is going on.

Mukesh comes and calls her out. He information her. He remembers checking Arvind’s message. He says you’ll lose the healthy now, and Arvind will lose the job. Sirat and Mukesh argue. He says you won’t be capable of play the sport now, say bye to Asian championship. Kartik comes and says I will ship your video, I recorded the whole thing. He asks Sirat to choose Mukesh’s telecellsmartphone and delete the video. Sirat deletes it. Kartik warns Mukesh. He asks Sirat and Arvind to come. Mukesh pushes him and runs. Sirat shouts Kartik, are you hurt. Kartik says no, I m okay, we are able to cross domestic, absolutely each person might be waiting. She says please, we are able to visit the hospital. He says I m fine. She asks why did you return back here. He says I turned into lacking you.

At domestic, absolutely each person talks approximately the picnic. Kairav says I will name dad and tell that we got here domestic. Sirat brings Kartik domestic. Everyone sees Kartik hurt. Manish asks what happened. Kartik says nothing, I simply have belly ache. Sirat says Mukesh had come there…. She tells the whole thing. Manish asks how dare Mukesh try this with my Kartik. Suwarna says name the medical doctor first. Surekha says you must have informed us approximately Mukesh. Sirat says I desired to mention. Kartik says I didn’t need you all to fear, don’t fear, its a small injury, I might be fine. Manish says medical doctor desires to mention this.

Doctor assessments Kartik. He says he can also additionally have inner injury, get him to the hospital, I will deliver painkillers now. Manish thank you him. Dadi says the day turned into going excellent and this happened. Kartik says I m fine, I don’t want this x-ray. Manish says we are able to get it done. Suwarna asks Sirat now no longer to fear approximately children. Everyone leaves. Sirat offers drugs to Kartik. He asks her to move and exercise. She says I won’t cross anywhere, I might be with you. He asks am I imp or the healthy. She says you. He says I m fine, I will cross for x-ray, sleep now, you need to exercise, dad will include me, don’t fear, awareness at the healthy. She hugs him. Kartik feels the ache. He act slumbering whilst Sirat wakes up. She sleeps. He thinks the ache isn’t getting less, Sirat’s healthy shouldn’t stop. Its morning, Sirat wakes up and appears for Kartik. She worries. He receives the tea. She says you’re hurt, why are you doing this. He says ache went away, I m fine. She asks aren’t you hurt. He says no. She says we are able to cross on your x-ray. He says I m fine, we can’t cross together. She says I prayed for you that your reviews end result comes negative. He says I additionally prayed that your healthy’s end result comes positive. She is going. He sits in ache. Sirat is on the academy. She remembers Kartik. Doctor assessments the x-ray. Manish asks is the whole thing okay.

Doctor says there may be an inner injury, we ought to do greater tests, if its serious, then we ought to do an operation. Sirat calls Kartik. Kartik says we won’t inform something to Sirat. Manish says she is your wife, you must inform her. Kartik says I m going out, you inform the medical doctor. Manish prays for his son. Kartik talks commonly with Sirat. She asks approximately the xray, is there something to fear. He says the whole thing is fine, I m pronouncing the truth, cross for the healthy. She asks are you in ache, inform me. Sirat is known as for the qualifying healthy. She asks Kartik to make her speak to the medical doctor, else she won’t cross for the healthy. Kartik says medical doctor is busy in an operation, I can’t disturb him. She cries and says live there, I will come. He laughs and says I m joking, you’re mad, I turned into simply seeing how you’ll react if something takes place to me, cross now, I ought to cross domestic to children. She asks him to swear on her. He says we aren’t children to swear, dad is calling. He ends name. She asks what’s Kartik hiding, I will now no longer depart Mukesh.

Doctor says a great deal blood loss has happened, we don’t have the identical institution blood units. Manish worries. Mukesh hides and hears them. Arvind receives a name. Sirat hears approximately Kartik, he’s in want of blood. She receives shocked.


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