Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts offevolved with akshu pronouncing i was in abhi’s cabin due to the fact ruby came and left. Ruby’s dad asks are you abhi’s girlfriend which you are lying. The man asks do you have got any proof. Akshu says something ruby said, does she have a evidence that abhi molested her, she is simply pronouncing this. Ruby’s dad says she can not destroy her appreciate. Akshu says when a woman’s ego gets harm, then she doesn’t think of everybody’s appreciate. She argues with ruby’s dad.

Abhi and his family look on. Ruby’s dad asks what were you doing there, how are you associated with abhi, with the aid of what right did you cross there. Akshu says its not wrong to spend time with a person, its wrong to see the fellow with a wrong goal. The man says some human beings saw ruby crying and leaving from abhi’s cabin, do you have got a proof towards her. She says yes, i have, i were given the evidence with me, i’ve everything recorded in my cellphone. Abhi looks at ruby. Akshu says ruby i can show every body what you did with abhi, i used to be there most effective. Harsh asks why did she waste time when she had the video. Mahima asks him to have persistence.

Akshu says i didn’t realize while the video got recorded, you probably did incorrect with abhi, i can show who is wrong, this video will move viral now. Ruby issues and shouts shut up. Kairav looks on. Ruby says don’t you dare carry this video out, don’t do that, yes its my mistake, i used to be indignant on abhi, he always ignores me, i doesn’t want to her no in my lifestyles, i were given indignant and wanted to train him a lesson. Akshu says leave it, video doesn’t have this fun, i never had the video, but the fact got here out, i used to be assured, due to the fact one who supports the fact isn’t scared, like abhi, he stood sturdy, people who are incorrect shiver like this. Ruby’s dad says i can see you.

Abhi says sufficient. Kyu tham gaya…. Plays…. The person says so ruby’s blame became incorrect. Akshu says a man can also behave incorrect with the man and trap him. Harsh thinks my sanatorium and my son were given saved, no way no, although the woman says and even if a man says. Abhi smiles seeing akshu. Akshu thank you them. Ruby says i m sorry, forgive me. The man says thank you, you delivered the fact out, you forgot the concern of your defamation and brought the truth, thanks. The person says sorry abhi, you’re harmless.

Abhi nods. Abhi says i request, preserve akshara’s name out of the general public statements of this case. Akshu goes. Jaaniye…. Performs… kairav goes together with her. Abhi thinks she stored my life, how shall i no longer love her. Kairav says sit here, i can get some thing for you. He goes. Mahima asks akshu to drink the juice, she will be able to get electricity. Akshu liquids it. Mahima says thanks, you saved all of us, each time i see you, i recollect my sister manjiri, homely, but you have done accurate, you spoke in the front of everyone.

Akshu says i stayed silent for circle of relatives’s sake, but these days i had to speak. Mahima thinks she is distinct. She smiles. Mahima says abhimanyu, speak to her. She is going. Akshu and abhi speak thru coronary heart. She runs away. Hame tumse pyaar kitna…. Performs… he follows. She slips. He holds her in hands. Aarohi comes and looks on. She thinks she got here to store abhi, she got the hero. Abhi asks why don’t you see and walk, if whatever occurred, then, you don’t care of yourself. He asks aarohi to head for her spherical. Aarohi goes. He’s taking akshu to his cabin. He asks why did you come back to save me, whilst every body and i stopped you, tell me. Akshu says i got here to repair the incorrect. He asks honestly, you came to answer ruby. She says i came to help a medical doctor, his clinic and admire.

He says you imply, you’ll come for any other physician. She says sure, i would have achieved my obligation for all people. He holds her and asks all and sundry. She says all and sundry. He keeps asking. They come near. He leaves her. He receives irritated and says i m not anything special, i m simply each person for you. He returns her bracelet. He says excellent bye. She thinks please pass on. She goes out and cries. He cries. Lag jaa gale…. Performs…..

Episode ends

manjiri says this came about due to aarohi. Akshu says i desired him to get happy and circulate on. Abhi shouts i understand your reality when you consider that adolescence. He argues with harsh. Manjiri faints down.


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