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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tamil News Today: With the Tamil Nadu Assembly elections set to take place on April 6, the DMK has called on the coalition parties to hold talks on constituency sharing. In this context, the DMK has called on the Indian Union Muslim League and the Humanitarian People’s Party to come to the block allocation talks tomorrow at 5 pm.

AIADMK-Bamaka alliance will be announced by Dr. Ramadass today, said Pamaka youth leader Anbumani Ramadas.

An official announcement will be made after today’s talks.

The body of the late senior political leader D. Pandian is being buried today in his hometown in Madurai.

The Chennai High Court has condemned the rise in corruption in the real estate sector and said that the authorities are not taking any action to curb it.

The alliance between the Democratic Party of India and the Equality People’s Party has been confirmed.

The DMK leadership has formed a six-member committee headed by DR Palu to hold talks with the coalition parties on the constituency agreement for the assembly elections.

23 blocks to Bamaga
With the assembly elections in Tamil Nadu set to take place on April 6, AIADMK has officially announced that 23 seats have been allotted to Bamaga in the AIADMK alliance.

18:08 (IST)
27 Feb 2021

At the request of Bamaga founder Ramdas
Following the confirmation of the AIADMK alliance in the forthcoming assembly elections, BJP founder Ramdas has appealed to the people of Vanni to act in support of the AIADMK.

18:08 (IST)
27 Feb 2021

AIADMK – BJP talks
In the run-up to the Tamil Nadu Assembly elections, the AIADMK is in talks to divide the BJP. AIADMK Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister Anbumani Ramadass, BJP leader GK Mani and AK Murthy are participating in this.

18:05 (IST)
27 Feb 2021

Transport workers withdraw strike
The transport workers’ strike, which had been going on for 3 days, was called off. Union officials announced that the strike had been called off

16:55 (IST)
27 Feb 2021

Chief Minister’s speech in the Legislature
Addressing the assembly, Chief Minister Palaniachai said, “I thank those who were strong and supportive during the trial.

16:54 (IST)
27 Feb 2021

The public is the most feared public bus
Buses are being operated with temporary drivers as transport workers continue to struggle, emphasizing various demands. Thus, the public is said to be afraid to board the government bus.

16:50 (IST)
27 Feb 2021

Release of Asia’s Rich List
Businessman Mukesh Ambani has once again topped the list of Asia’s richest people.

16:50 (IST)
27 Feb 2021

Chief Minister Palanisamy with arrogance – Stalin’s accusation
DMK leader Stalin has accused Chief Minister Palanisamy of arrogantly refusing to call on struggling transport workers.

16:48 (IST)
27 Feb 2021

Thank you to the Deputy Chief Minister and Ministers – Chief Minister Palanichamy
Chief Minister Palaniachai has thanked the Deputy Chief Minister and other ministers who have supported the government, saying that MGR will re-establish the government to make Jayalalithaa’s dream come true.

16:46 (IST)
27 Feb 2021

Speaker praises Chief Minister Palaniachai
The Speaker praised Edappadi Palanisamy as the only Chief Minister who was present on all the days of the Assembly.

16:28 (IST)
27 Feb 2021

If one opinion rules India then it is not necessary – Rahul Gandhi
“If one opinion rules India, we do not need that opinion. Only the Tamil Nadu government can control, not the people of Tamil Nadu,” Rahul Gandhi said during the Tuticorin election campaign.

16:14 (IST)
27 Feb 2021

BJP Tamil Nadu Vice President Annamalai speech
BJP Tamil Nadu Deputy Leader Annamalai told reporters in Thiruvarur that everyone should be patient as soon as the announcement of reduction in petrol, diesel and cooking gas prices is made.

15:42 (IST)
27 Feb 2021

DMK to implement Vanniyar reservation: MK Stalin
Participating in an election campaign meeting in Padappai, Kanchipuram district, Stalin said, “The reservation announced for the Vanni will be implemented by the DMK only as a mere announcement.”

15:29 (IST)
27 Feb 2021

D. Pandian, senior leader of the Communist Party of India, is in good health
The body of the late Communist Party of India leader D. Pandian was cremated at a farm in Vellaimalaipatti near Usilampatti, Madurai

15:15 (IST)
27 Feb 2021

Transport workers strike back!
Tamil Nadu Transport workers, who have been protesting for the past three days with pay rises and various other demands, have now announced that they will withdraw their protest. The announcement was made after talks with the Tamil Nadu government.

15:07 (IST)
27 Feb 2021

Edappadi Palanisamy in the Legislative Assembly, Speaker praises Stalin
Speaking in the Assembly, Speaker Danapal lauded Palanisamy as the only Chief Minister who came to the Assembly every day. Stalin also praised the opposition leader for bringing key issues to his attention.

14:52 (IST)
27 Feb 2021

Transport union workers must drop the struggle – MK Stalin
MK Stalin said transport union workers should give up the struggle and return to work.

14:24 (IST)
27 Feb 2021

India – England No Bumrah in 4th Test

Indian fast bowler Bumrak has been rested from the 4th Test against England

14:22 (IST)
27 Feb 2021

In the Legislature today – the one who raised the most questions in the Legislature
Speaker Danapal has said that the person who raised the most questions in the Assembly was Prabhu, a member of the Kallakurichi Legislative Assembly.

14:19 (IST)
27 Feb 2021

Rahul Gandhi with Vausi College students

14:18 (IST)
27 Feb 2021

Rahul Gandhi discusses with Vausi College students
Rahul Gandhi, who is on a three-day tour of Tamil Nadu for the Assembly election campaign, was warmly welcomed by the people of Thoothukudi. He is currently discussing with Wausau College students.

14:05 (IST)
27 Feb 2021

In the legislature today
Chief Minister Palaniachai told the assembly that he would like to thank the Deputy Chief Minister and the ministers who were supporting the government and that MGR would re-establish the government to make Jayalalithaa’s dream come true.

14:02 (IST)
27 Feb 2021

The only chief minister who came to the legislature all day
The Speaker said that Edappadi Palanisamy was the only Chief Minister who was present on all the days of the Assembly.

13:30 (IST)
27 Feb 2021

An enthusiastic welcome to Rahul Gandhi at Thoothukudi
Former Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has been given an enthusiastic welcome as he arrives in Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu for the forthcoming Assembly general election campaign.

12:56 (IST)
27 Feb 2021

The Chief Minister is meeting Amit Shah today
It has been reported that the Chief Minister and the Deputy Chief Minister are planning to meet the Home Minister Amit Shah who is coming to Chennai. According to reports, the meeting will be held at the Star Hotel in Chennai tonight

12:46 (IST)
27 Feb 2021

March 2 DMK Candidate Interview
DMK General Secretary Duraimurugan has announced that the candidates for the forthcoming Assembly elections will be interviewed on March 2.

12:35 (IST)
27 Feb 2021

Kamal Haasan press conference!
: Fruit.Uterus will contest on behalf of the People’s Justice Center in the Assembly elections. The legal panchayat movement, along with the People’s Justice Center, is facing elections. The party’s first phase candidate list will be released on March 7.

I am going to campaign from March 3. The first candidate interview will be held on March 1 at the People’s Justice Center. Let me make it clear that I am the chief candidate of the People’s Justice Center Coalition. We welcome anyone who comes to our alliance. ” Chairman Kamal Haasan said.

12:29 (IST)
27 Feb 2021

Rahul Gandhi arrives in Thoothukudi
Former Congress leader Rahul Gandhi arrives in Thoothukudi Congress volunteers gave an enthusiastic welcome to Rahul Gandhi. He is going to campaign in Nellai and Thoothukudi districts.

11:48 (IST)
27 Feb 2021

RS Bharathi case!
The Chennai High Court has refused to quash the anti-torture case against DMK secretary RS Bharathi.

11:47 (IST)
27 Feb 2021

AIADMK-Bamaka talks!
It has been officially announced that the AIADMK will hold talks with the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly on the distribution of constituencies at 4 pm today.

11:41 (IST)
27 Feb 2021

Sarathkumar interview!
I met Kamala on the basis that good people can combine everything. It would be better if like-minded people join. Good results will come from Kamal Haasan. “We will meet soon,” Sarathkumar told reporters after meeting Kamal Haasan.

11:01 (IST)
27 Feb 2021

Kamal Haasan – Sarathkumar advice!
Equality People’s Party leader Sarath Kumar to meet People’s Justice Center leader Kamal Haasan. He has visited the office of the People’s Justice Center in Alwarpet, Chennai. Sarathkumar will hold consultations with Kamal Haasan.

10:40 (IST)
27 Feb 2021

BJP wins 22 seats in AIADMK alliance
It has been reported that 22 seats have been allotted to the BJP in the AIADMK alliance. It has been reported that the Chief Minister and the Deputy Chief Minister have met separately and BJP executives have held talks and confirmed this.

10:21 (IST)
27 Feb 2021

DMK alliance talks!
Stalin, the party’s leader, will hold consultations with the DMK alliance negotiating team tonight at 7 p.m.

10:15 (IST)
27 Feb 2021

Government of Tamil Nadu release!
The Government of Tamil Nadu has issued an order declaring that all 9th, 10th and 11th class students have passed without examination

09:28 (IST)
27 Feb 2021

Anna University Order!
Anna University has ordered the completion of laboratory classes for first-year engineering students by March 6 as the Code of Conduct for Elections has come into force.

08:57 (IST)
27 Feb 2021

Negotiate regarding sharing!
AIADMK-BJP talks on the distribution of seats in the Assembly elections began at 8.30 am at the AIADMK office.

08:55 (IST)
27 Feb 2021

Talk to government bus staff today!
The government plans to hold tripartite talks today with government bus workers involved in the strike. The Workers’ Welfare Commission is scheduled to hold talks with government bus workers at 3 p.m.


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