Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Kartik coming to Sirat. Sirat sees Ranvir getting treated. Nani says misleading statement ruins relations. Manish requests that she come clean. Nani says indeed, I need to determine how that Ranvir managed my young lady. Sirat hits the column out of resentment and cries. Kartik stops her. He requests that she quiet down, be solid to deal with him. Sirat embraces him and says I can’t go before him, Kartik. Nani says Sirat went to begin another life, that person didn’t come. FB shows Sirat crying and saying he didn’t come, he bamboozled me. Nani says she set aside much effort to set herself up for another connection, she advised everything to Kartik, she has no adoration for that person now, she has failed to remember him. Everybody gets quiet.

Kartik says Ranvir will get fine. Sirat says sorry, everybody would be sitting tight for us. He says we are required here, not there. She says thanks to him. Specialist comes. He says draining has halted, medical procedure will not be required me. She asks would we be able to meet him. He says yes. Kartik opens the entryway and requests that she go. Sirat reviews the past. Nani says she didn’t attempt to discover him since two years. Manish inquires as to for what reason did she go there to meet him. Suwarna requests that he call Kartik. Manish calls Kartik. Kirti says Kartik’s telephone is here. Kairav and Vansh come. Kairav asks where are Kartik and Sirat, did they battle, did Sirat go anyplace. Nani embraces him. Sirat closes the entryway and says I would prefer not to meet him. She goes. Kairav says somebody advise me, where are they. Manish gets Kartik’s call. Manish asks where are you and Sirat, is there any issue. Kartik says sorry, there is a crisis, I will return and reveal to you everything. Naksh requests that Manish get back to and see. Sirat thinks will I return. Rhea says I figured Sirat will be out and I will be in. Surekha says get calm, assuming anybody hears this, they will vent outrage on you. Suwarna requests that Kairav have food. She says Sirat would be with Kartik. Rhea says Sirat loves that person, not Kartik. Nani says no. Rhea says she followed him, something would be left. Kirti asks what will I tell Dadi. Manish says don’t accept her calls. Suwarna says if Sirat truly goes, ca we handle Kairav. They supplicate. They see Sirat.

Nani goes to her. Sirat says I m not going anyplace, I m with you, have water, sit. Surekha inquires as to for what reason did you go, who is that Ranvir who you actually meet, for what reason are you getting drawn in to Kartik at that point. Sirat says sorry for the difficulty, I had gone to the clinic, Ranvir met with a mishap before me, I thought to save his life. Rhea says everybody knows your reality, Ranvir was your ex. Kartik sits with Ranvir. Ranvir says don’t murder Sirat, I will go from her life. Kartik gets stunned. Specialist comes and says accompany me for a min, its dire, patient’s reports have come. Sirat says I have nothing to do with him, you don’t consider terms when somebody meets with a mishap, I just idea to save his life, I took the harmed to the clinic with Kartik’s assistance, I didn’t see him since that day, I didn’t converse with him, nothing transformed from my side, its your desire to in all honesty, I can’t change your reasoning or power you to think something. Kartik asks what occurred, you said he is out of peril. Specialist says we got a projectile stopped in his chest. Kartik asks what. Specialist says indeed, little pieces are there, perhaps a few years of age, its squeezing his pixie nerve, it might hurt him in future. Kartik says I will deal with the costs, you can do the medical procedure. Specialist says assent, simply sign the structure, its a basic medical procedure. Kartik figures I don’t comprehend it well, I will ask Sirat. Sirat eats fiery pizza.

Kairav asks her not to have it, she will not glance great in family pics. Nani holds Sirat. Sirat inquires as to for what reason ruled send him back, proceed to ask him, perhaps he came to meet me, yet I would prefer not to see his face. She requests that Kairav disclose to her when Kartik comes, she will come for family pic, this is her family now. She goes crying. Nani inquires as to for what reason did you get Ranvir back. She cries. Chandu comes and enquires about Ranvir. He goes to see him. Specialist gets some information about a medical procedure soon. Kartik meets Chandu. Chandu expresses profound gratitude, he revealed to me that you had attached the swathe to his hand yesterday. Kartik gets some information about the slug parts. Chandu says perhaps its your commitment, don’t stress, I m with him, return home. Kartik says fine, converse with specialist once about his medical procedure, you can call me on the off chance that you need assistance. Sirat gets blindfold and hits punching sacks. She inquires as to for what reason did you return. Kartik comes searching for her. He says truth will not change on the off chance that you close eyes, meet him once. She says no, I couldn’t care less, I would prefer not to meet him.

Precap: Kartik takes Sirat to meet Ranvir. Ranvir vents outrage by destroying the spot. He says you are mine Sirat, how might you happen to another person. Sirat punches his face.


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