Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins Kartik saying congratulations to us all, you needed a child sister. Kairav says I need mumma moreover. Dadi and Suwarna appeal to God for Sirat. Specialist comes. Kartik asks is Sirat fine. Specialist says she isn’t cognizant, she is fine, however frail, mum and girl are warrior, they returned from the demise, the child you gave supported Sirat. Kartik says this is a direct result of our supplications. Suwarna says indeed, Sirat could reach here by Kairav’s assistance. Kartik asks when would we be able to meet Sirat. Specialist says you can meet her, your girl… . next 24 hours are basic for her, ideally everything works out in a good way.

Kartik and everybody see the child. Dadi cries. Suwarna says specialist said both are warriors, its difficult for anybody to make her lose, she will return to us soon. Kartik says she needs to return, else I will separate, I guaranteed Sirat that I will deal with our child. Manish says be solid, this battle is difficult. Kairav requests that child get fine, she isn’t feeble, she is a top dog’s girl, simply win, we as a whole need to play with you. Akshu gives the dark string. Kairav asks how did your string get unfastened, you need to give this assurance string to child sister, right. He requests that medical attendant keep the string close to the child. Medical attendant keeps it. Kairav says what a thought, the child is moving when the string contacted her.

He asks. Manish, Kartik and Suwarna look on. Its morning, Sirat awakens. She asks Kartik, where is our child. She sees everybody tragic and asks is the child fine. He says pay attention to me, child is much powerless. She says I need to see the child, take me there. Specialist brings the child. She says no compelling reason to stress, infant expert has seen every one of the reports, your little girl is fine. Sirat asks did I get a girl. Kartik says indeed, our girl, is she fine. Specialist says indeed, mum and girl are contenders. Sirat says you needed a girl, we got a little girl. Dadi says thanks to Lord. Sirat says specialist, give the child to Kairav first, he has the principal directly on her, we are alive as a result of him, expresses gratitude toward Kairav. Kairav takes the child. Kartik says watch out.

Kairav cries and says I got enthusiastic, she is nearly nothing and adorable additionally, Akshu, she has grasped the dark string, our sister got fine due to your thought. Gayu says astounding, Akshu and Kairav love their sister a ton. Kartik and Sirat embrace the child. Dadi avoids terrible sight. Gayu says we ought to celebrate. Dadi says why not, we will return home and make arrangements. Suwarna requests that Manish stay with Sirat. They all leave.

Kartik says you both terrified me, I figured I will lose any one. Sirat asks how is it possible that I would break my guarantee, we will not leave you unexpectedly early. He says don’t think thus, else I will leave you and go. She says we will not release you. He says I will not leave my exquisite spouse and girl. She says I failed to remember this. They quarrel over child names. He says you gave her introduction to the world, I will give her the character. She grins.

They get back home with the child. Dadi does their aarti. They grin seeing the improvements. They all sing yeh rishta kya… .. furthermore, dance. Sirat asks the child’s name. Kartik says fine, close your eyes first. Everybody closes eyes. Kartik requests that Kairav and Vansh come. Kartik requests that they open eyes now. They see the huge gift boxes. Kartik requests that they open the containers. They see the letters in order hanging to the inflatables. They open all the crates and see the name Aarohi.

Sirat says Aarohi. Everybody says Aarohi and applaud… . Kartik asks did everybody like this name. They say its stunning. Sirat says the name I thought was better. She jokes. Dadi says Aarohi is better. Following a month, Sirat awakens. Akshu and Aarohi cry. She says the two of them awaken simultaneously. Kartik says relax, its a question of certain years. She says then I will bite the dust. He says we are guardians of small children,

biting the dust isn’t permitted to us. They deal with both the children. The children rest. Kartik says they resemble heavenly messengers. Sirat says they make a tempest on awakening, its an issue when both wake up. He says the two of them need mumma, when I make them snicker the entire day and change diapers, I will get them in my group, I will get garments. She says get it for Akshu, not Aarohi, she will wear Akshu’s garments, I need the affection to remain something similar between our children. He says it will be something very similar.


The young ladies request that Sirat return to the game, apply for the Asian title. Sirat says not currently. The young ladies ask her not to lose the possibility. Kartik looks on..


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