Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Akshara going away and announcing Abhi is so happy, absolutely each person is happy. Abhi appears for her. He says I m positive it became Akshu. He is going to cctv room and asks for footage. Guard says cctv isn’t running given that morning. Harsh scolds Manjiri and asks her now no longer to sing again. Manjiri says sorry. Anand says nicely accomplished Manjiri, this marvel became for all of us, shall we get returned to work. Parth, Neil and Nishta hug Manjiri. Parth says Abhi were given lots happy. Manjiri says I simply need him to transport on. Parth says perhaps he were given a brand new case. Neil says Abhi sensed Akshu here. Manjiri asks what. She prays that they don’t face every other. Akshu continues the presents in Abhi’s room. Abhi comes there and adjustments his shirt. Akshu appears on and smiles. He sees the presents. Ruby comes and flirts with him. Akshu thinks who’s she. He says I don’t need to fulfill you.

Akshu receives jealous. She says he’s simply Abhimanyu for me. Abhi scolds Ruby. He says you don’t have any manners and don’t recognise your limits, move from here. Ruby says I such as you a lot. He says I don’t such as you. Akshu smiles. Ruby says I recognise you’re alone, make me a part of your life. He says I m now no longer alone, I love someone, she is away however continually with me. Rupy says you’re speakme like Majnu, quality don’t love me, however allow me come clos. He says you don’t dare, you don’t deserve my love, move from here, sufficient of your drama. She argues. He says I love Akshara and could alays do. She says she left you, she cheated you. He says now no longer a phrase towards her. She says my father is a fitness minister. He says ask him to get your thoughts treated. She threatens him. He says I don’t care, out. She leaves. Akshu smiles. He receives irritated and sits. He says why do I sense she is around. He is going to peer the presents. Akshu hides. The balloons fly. He sees Akshu there. She turns and falls in his arms. Os ki boondein….plays… They fall at the bean bag. They have an eyelock. She receives up. Neil comes and says Akshu, bro’s marvel…

He sees Abhi there. Abhi says Neil…. Neil says she organized this complete marvel, we asked her, we desired you to smile, she didn’t agree, we needed to persuade her. Aarohi appears on angrily. Neil says Akshu recommended Manjiri to sing, and taken a grin to your face. Aarohi recollects Akshu’s words. Abhi recollects the whole thing and asks why did you do this, inform me. Akshu cries and says I recognise you watched I did wrong, however all of us desired to peer you happy, make your birthday special, your smile to return back returned. He asks really. Neil says yes. Aarohi asks really. Akshu receives greatly surprised seeing her. Aarohi scolds Akshu. Abhi asks Aarohi to stop. Aarohi says its a non-public moment, my sister is involved, I actually have all of the proper to impeach her. She says you stated you ended the whole thing, you satisfied absolutely each person to ship me here. Akshu says we can move domestic and talk, please. Aarohi receives irritated and scolds her. She leaves. Akshu says sorry, don’t get irritated on my sister’s words. She leaves. Abhi asks Neil to leave. He says take mum domestic, carefully, Harsh could be irritated. Neil is going.

He receives Akshu’s bracelet again. Akshu involves Aarohi. She says Abhi got here to that room through mistake, I became going to leave, it became a coincidence. Aarohi argues. Akshu says quality, why are you jealous, you continue to like Abhi. Aarohi says I m on duty, I will solution you at domestic, your aim is bad. She is going. Neil says the whole thing became going quality. Manjiri says its our mistake to dissatisfied Abhi, Harsh says proper, I damage the whole thing. She stumbles. He asks are you quality. She says yes, don’t inform Abhi approximately me. He takes her domestic. Neil thinks Aarohi will do some thing for positive. The guy says its junior’s orientatation. Abhi says I will come. He throws the bracelet.

Aarohi says Abhimanyu is accused through Ruby. Akshu says I had visible him with Ruby. Birlas additionally speak approximately the molestation blame on Abhi..


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