Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Sirat saying simply my child is with me. Specialist says its fine, we will make arrangements. Kairav says Papa will come soon, Sirat can go, I will see Akshu. Kairav proceeds to petition God for Sirat. Manish says all around done, show was extraordinary. Kartik says I can’t work until Sirat’s conveyance occurs. Manish says there are two months left, for what reason are you freezing. Kartik says I can’t perceive what I m inclination.

Akhilesh says its OK, center around Sirat, we will deal with the gathering. Kartik expresses profound gratitude, I will proceed to call her. Kairav requests that specialist treat Sirat. Specialist says have a go at calling your father. She requests that attendant take Sirat’s sign on the structure. Sirat says request that somebody stay with my children. Specialist requests that Kairav have a go at calling another person. Sirat blacks out. Specialist actually looks at her.

Gayu says we should return home, Sirat would be stressed. Suwarna says I will call her. Kartik gets the organization in the telephone. He calls Kairav and asks where is mumma. Kairav cries. Kairav asks where are you. Kairav says we are at the medical clinic, child sister will come. Kartik says don’t joke. Kairav says no, you can see it yourself. Kartik sees Sirat. Kairav says she blacked out. Kartik asks where is Dadi and others. Kairav says everybody is at the sanctuary. Kartik says I m coming, offer telephone to Sirat. He requests that Doctor make her discussion to Sirat. Kartik requests that Sirat open eyes, pay attention to him for their girl, I m coming. Sirat opens eyes and sees him on the call. Kartik says I m coming. Manish requests that Kartik go quick. Kartik leaves.

Suwarna checks Sirat’s missed calls. Gayu asks is she fine. Surekha says she would have called us. They all actually look at their telephones and stress. Driver comes and says go to the medical clinic quick, Sirat and children are there. They leave. Specialist requests that attendant screen Sirat. Kartik goes to the emergency clinic. He sees Kairav taking care of Akshu. He embraces Kairav. Everybody comes. Kartik asks are you fine. Kairav says indeed,

I was terrified when Sirat was in torment. Kartik says nothing will happen to her. Specialist says her ordinary conveyance can’t occur, we need to do her activity, come and sign the assent structure. Kartik says I will sign, simply give a valiant effort. He goes to Sirat. He requests that she stay faithful to her obligation. He gives her the pixie toy. He says I kept this protected to offer this to our little girl, guarantee that you will offer this to her. Sirat gestures.

She is taken for the activity. He signs the structure. Kartik says thanks to Kairav and says you got Sirat here alone, how. Kairav tells everything. Kairav says I have asked as far as possible. Kartik says nothing will happen to the child, I m fine, I will just come. He goes. Sirat sees the pixie toy. She is in OT. Manish requests that Kartik stay solid. Kartik says how, Sirat’s state is basic, in the event that anything happens to the child. Specialist comes and says Sirat’s state is basic, we are attempting, possibly we can’t save your child. Kartik cries and asks how might you say this. She says child is exceptionally feeble, we are making an honest effort. Kartik says this can’t occur, nothing will happen to Sirat and the child,

she never breaks her guarantee. Manish says be solid, I m annoyed with Sirat, yet she has a quality to never lose, we should keep that. Sirat’s heartbeat drops. Specialist stresses. Kairav sings teri hai zameen… . Everybody implores with him. They all hear the child cry. Dadi says it implies the child is fine. Kartik says my child is fine. They all hurry to see. Medical attendant says child is exceptionally frail, we need to keep him in hatchery, stand by here, specialist can inform you concerning Sirat. Kairav asks is it a child kid or child young lady, I needed a young lady. She says Lord heard you. Everybody grins.


Everybody sees the child and cries. Kartik says I can’t live on the off chance that anything happens to the child. Kairav and Akshu attempt to ensure the child.


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