Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Akshu crying withinside the car. Abhimanyu comes there on his bike. He stops on the signal, beside the cab. The tune Lag jaa gale…plays… He thinks of her. She turns and sees him. He additionally sees her. Kairav sees Akshu and Abhimanyu’s pics. Vansh comes and asks what passed off, you grew to become away earlier than Akshu went, why. Kairav tells the whole thing. Vansh asks why, did you ship Akshu. Kairav says she loves Abhimanyu, she can’t break out from him if she remains here, so I despatched her. Vansh says we should have discovered any other way. Kairav says Aarohi hates her,

Akshu could get extra sad, I need to look her happy, so I despatched him. Vansh hugs him and cleans his specs. He says I can’t say you probably did proper or wrong. Kairav receives Akshu’s keys. He says she could have now no longer long past too far, I will move and provide this to her.

Akshu cries. Abhi stops there. A man argues with Abhi. He asks his GF to take a seat down quietly, else he’s going to slap her. She says all of us is watching, speak with manners. He scolds her. Abhimanyu receives angry. He scolds the man and asks do you speak like this together along with your GF. The man punches his face. Abhimanyu beats him a lot. He thinks of Akshu. He says you purchased love without difficulty, so that you don’t fee her. Police comes. The man says its now no longer my mistake, he is thrashing me. Abhi says its his mistake, he become threatening his GF. The man asks what’s your problem, she is my GF. Inspector takes each of them to the police van. Kairav stops the inspector. He says I understand Abhimanyu well.

Mahima sees the bhai dooj tilak. Manjiri asks did he despatched this. Mahima says don’t take his name, attention in your son. Neil comes and says Abhi is in shock, he isn’t capable of deal with himself. She says I m geared up to do anything, simply go back me the antique Abhi. He says I actually have an idea, his birthday is coming. She says however he won’t have a good time. He says I will make it memorable for him, I will unite Abhi and Akshara. Kairav says thanks, I guarantee you this won’t appear again.

Abhimanyu says I don’t need your favor. Kairav says I helped you due to the fact you have been proper, its now no longer proper to vent anger on someone, Akshu didn’t play any game, she stood silent. Abhimanyu asks didn’t she inform you anything, superb. Kairav asks what, inform me. Abhimanyu says she informed a large element to us. Kairav asks what passed off. Abhimanyu says she cleared her stand in the front of my family, she stated she doesn’t love me, she doesn’t need to marry me, even my stand is same, her bankruptcy is over in my life. He is going.

Kairav says that’s why she without difficulty left. Abhi hears this. He drives in anger. He says why do I need to forestall her while she desires to move farfar from me. Parth says Abhi’s birthday was so unique for us. Manjiri says I idea to have a good time it with double joy, however the whole thing went wrong, don’t understand he’s going to have a good time or now no longer. Harsh says this year, at the present time could be with none joy.

Anand says he used to mention that birthdays get him attention. Abhimanyu comes and says this time I don’t need that attention, I won’t get married and I will now no longer have a good time birthdays from now, sorry, I won’t be capable of have a good time my birthday this time. He is going.

Neil suggests Abhi’s combat video to Manjiri. Akshu thinks of Abhi’s words. She writes Abhimanyu’s initials on the auto window. Manjiri is going to Abhi and consoles him. He says I noticed Akshu today, what shall I do, I nonetheless love her. He hears music. Neil says we should do some thing to reduce his pain, we should take Akshara’s assist. He calls Akshu. She doesn’t answer. He messages her. She calls back. He says I need to fulfill you and speak to you. She says I should board a bus. He says its absolutely urgent, its approximately Abhi’s life. She asks what passed off to him. He says he’s alive however… I want your assist, he doesn’t need to have a good time his birthday, he goes mad, he’s emotional.

She says I m going away to repair things. Manjiri says I simply concentrate to my coronary heart and speak, sorry in case you sense bad. Akshu says no, I m sorry. Manjiri says no, the scenario is wrong, Abhi is actual at coronary heart, you’re like him so he selected you, you will be helpless to refuse to him, its my mistake, you each can assist every different pass on, please assist Abhi.

Abhi reminds Dhanteras night time communique to Mahima. He asks how did the sort of large confusion appear in my absence. Neil talks to Akshu on call. Abhi asks what’s going on here.


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