Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Kartik saying he will avert the terrible sight, since his significant other looks exquisite. Sirat says I will give Maudi’s adoration and gifts to my little girl today, assuming she was here today, she would have cherished her a ton. She cries. He control center and embraces her. Dadi says we didn’t have the foggiest idea how a half year passed, I wish the child comes before long an additional 2 months, call Kartik and Sirat. Suwarna says indeed, its time for godh bharai. Kartik brings Sirat. Dadi averts the awful sight. Kartik and everybody hack. Dadi says somebody had projected the terrible sight, it moved away at this point. Kartik jokes. Dadi requests that Suwarna start the rasam.

Suwarna makes Sirat wear the chunri and gifts her a gift. She discloses to her desire in Sirat’s ear. Dadi and others likewise rehash a similar custom. Surekha says the child ought to resemble our family by his temperament. Kairav gives a gift and says I need a pixie type sister. Kartik says I need a little girl actually like you, she should frighten everybody and not really set in stone, the world should sparkle on the off chance that she grins, I need your duplicate. Sirat grins. He keeps Maudi’s gift there. He says its for our girl from Maudi’s sight. Kairav says Sirat’s family has come. Everybody stresses. They see the mentor and understudies. Sirat says I likewise see you all as my sisters and mentor Sir as my senior sibling. Kartik says I called them here to get Nanihaal for our girl. She expresses profound gratitude.

She says family is one who remains with you. He says we as a whole can give our life or you. The young ladies give the gifts. Kairav says we will play a game, we need a child young lady, however don’t have the foggiest idea what Lord has chosen. Dadi says older folks can see face and tell if its a kid or young lady, I figure Sirat will have a kid. Surekha says I figure Sirat will get a young lady. Vansh and Kairav request that they burst the inflatables, assuming its a pink paper, it will be a little girl, on the off chance that its a blue paper, it will be a kid. Sirat wears the gloves. Kartik inquires as to for what reason would you like to punch, its fragile inflatables. Gayu says Sirat gets solid when she wears the gloves. Sirat blasts the inflatables. Akhilesh says only two inflatables are left. They see the pink paper and get glad. Kairav says now we will get a sister in the family. Akhilesh says we will have a dance now. Dadi sings tere sapnon ka sansaar… . They all dance around Sirat. Sirat feels uncomfortable. Kartik holds her,

Sirat converses with the child. Kartik asks what are you talking. She says she generally kicks me. He says incredible, she will render my retribution for your punches. He requests that she have soup. She says I don’t need. He requests that she sit. He takes care of her the soup. Dhaage me moti jaisa… .plays… . She asks what’s wrong. He says I feel remorseful, work consistently goes on, yet these minutes will not come back once more, we have not many second thoughts throughout everyday life, I wasn’t with Naira at Kairav’s time, I was with her at Akshu’s time, yet I need to go for a gathering now. She says there are as yet two months for the conveyance. He says I wish the organization remains great there. She says you will be back till night. He says indeed, I will not go anyplace till child comes, then, at that point, I will require multi month paternity leave. She grins.

Dadi, Suwarna and Gayu make laddoos with Sirat. Gayu says you need to reprimand her and request that she eat it, I preferred it a great deal. Suwarna says we will set up the child sack later, its not required unexpectedly early. Kartik prepares the sack. He says we ought to be intellectually prepared for crisis, I can’t face any challenge. Kairav says Sirat and I previously made a name list. Kartik says as much terrible, you both didn’t include me, show me the lost. Kairav shows the extensive rundown. Kartik asks is the child’s name list, only one child is coming. She says we will waitlist it. Kairav peruses the child names. Kartik asks do you know the significance of such names, we don’t need it, I m the father, I will keep the last name, you both are frantic. They snicker. He grins.

Precap: Kartik requests Kairav to take care from Sirat, Akshu and coming child. He is occupied in gathering. Sirat feels a lot of agony and tells Kairav. Kartik doesn’t get the organization and stresses if Sirat has any work.


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