Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Aarohi getting irritated on Akshu. She recollects Sheela’s phrases and shuts the door. Sirat asks what happened. Akshu says she is irritated, get her Nani here, I m certain she additionally loves us. Sirat says I gets her out of the room, come. She says Akshu, allow Aarohi live there, you are making the arrangements, your dad is coming the next day after a month. Aarohi opens the door and is derived out. She smiles. They say we are able to visit the airport and welcome him. Sirat asks them to preserve smiling faces and meet their dad. The ladies visit make a present for Kartik. Sirat says they were given so happy, Kartik come soon, I can’t wait greater. Everyone dines. Suwarna says Kartik and I may have coconut barfi the next day. Dadi jokes on her. They giggle. Suwarna says I want to proportion the chocolates with Kartik. Manish says yes, I get peace whilst he’s with me. Dadi says the whole thing is due to him, don’t hassle him with work, allow him take relaxation for one week, he’s going to live at domestic and spend time with me, nobody has hobby to spend time with me. Manish and Akhilesh giggle on her emotional blackmail. They ask Dadi to preserve Kartik with her. Surekha says that’s viable whilst Akshu and Aarohi depart him. Akshu thinks what to present to Kartik.

Aarohi says I m creating a card and additionally giving a espresso mug, don’t thieve my idea. Akshu thinks to make a pen stand for him. Aarohi says I even have ordered an excellent pen stand, you observed of some thing else. Akshu receives an idea. Sirat comes to a decision her dress. She smiles and says I leave out you so much, I sense we simply were given married, we must live collectively until vintage age. She talks to Kartik and sees his percent. She says we are able to do the whole thing collectively. She hugs his coat. Akshu comes. Sirat places the coat there. It catches fire. Akshu sees him and asks what’s that. Sirat places water at the coat and places off the fire. She says I were given his fav coat burnt. Akshu says don’t sense guilty. She indicates the present. Sirat likes it. Aarohi comes and argues with her. Sirat says its your mistake to thieve her idea, ask for forgiveness to her. Aarohi says you need dad to like Akshu greater. Sirat says he’s going to simply see your love, now no longer the present, I will love the only who hugs me. She hugs the ladies. Akshu asks what is going to you put on the next day whilst you visit the airport to acquire dad. Sirat says don’t recognise. Aarohi says we are able to determine it. Its morning, absolutely each person asks Sirat to make smiley on kachoris. Akshu attempts to persuade Aarohi. They all communicate in poetry and giggle. Sirat asks the ladies to live as every other’s strength. Akshu says I forgot to make a card for dad. Aarohi says I will feed those kachoris to dad after which ask him to get my Nani domestic. Manish says she isn’t your Nani.

Aarohi says you don’t allow her come, due to the fact she isn’t wealthy, you all are bad. Sirat asks her to prevent it, all of them are on one side. Aarohi asks why is absolutely each person towards her. Sirat says I can’t give an explanation for you. Aarohi says simply imagine, if I get greater wealthy than you and deal with you want this, how are you going to sense. She is going. Suwarna asks who informed this to Aarohi. Akshu says Aarohi went to fulfill Sheela, perhaps Sheela informed this to her. She is going. Sirat says I didn’t name her within the house, I didn’t recognise she can be able to do this, I will communicate to her. Akhilesh receives a message. He asks Surekha to play the information. Manish says Manish constantly scolds Sirat. Akshu says dad is coming after a month, his temper could be happy, he’s going to sense bad, we are able to inform him later approximately Sheela, he’s going to satisfy your wish, smile now. Aarohi smiles. Akshu tickles her. The wind blows. They hug. They see the ink spilled at the welcome card.

Sirat and absolutely each person see the information of the lacking flight. The reporter says we suppose the flight met an accident, however the airways didn’t affirm this. Sirat cries. Kartik’s image falls down. Sirat takes his percent and hugs. Dadi prays for him. Manish says don’t worry, we are able to name the airport. Sirat receives Kairav’s name. Kairav asks approximately dad’s flight. She says don’t worry, your dad could be fine, its only a rumor, deal with Vansh and yourself, I love you a lot, your dad loves you greater, he’s going to by no means depart us. She says I m going to the temple to wish for Kartik. Dadi says we are able to come along. Sirat says no, live domestic, we can’t inform some thing to the ladies, take care of the whole thing. Suwarna asks her to take few element for charity.

Sirat is on the temple. She sees Akshu downstairs. She is going to get Akshu. She falls down the stairs. Aarohi and Aksu see her and shout.


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