Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Sheela performing and pleading Sirat for a activity. Sirat asks her to go away. Sheela says pity me, get me a activity. Sirat says I don’t consider you, simply leave. Aarohi receives irritated on Manish. She says how can he now no longer permit me meet my Nani, I will see them. Akshu attempts to forestall her. Sheela says permit me meet Aarohi once. Sirat scolds her for in no way loving her personal daughter. She asks why do you display love for Aarohi now.

Sheela says I without a doubt regret, you pity me, permit me meet Aarohi once. Aarohi and Akshu come. Manish asks Sheela now no longer to name Aarohi her blood, she has no relation with her. Sheela says I m her Nani. Manish says Naira’s mum is her Nani, now no longer you. He asks Sirat to invite her mum to go away and in no way display her face again. Sheela cries and leaves. Manish says you don’t permit your mum or own circle of relatives come right here, else my phrase can get true. He goes. Aarohi says Manish is so rude, he didn’t permit mumma meet my Nani. Akshu consoles her. She says I will make you and your mumma meet your Nani.

Suwarna involves Manish. He is on name. He says I became talking to the legal professional to get restraining order in opposition to Sheela. Suwarna says its now no longer needed. He says Mukesh misplaced a activity, they’ll take revenge. She says I assume she is in a actual problem. He asks her now no longer to are available her words. She says we will get her a activity, if she does any robbery or begs others, then it’ll defame us, media is aware of that they’re our relatives.

He nods. He calls Sirat. Sirat says sorry, you all have to… He says its now no longer your mistake, take this card to your mum, ask her to fulfill my secretary for a activity. Sirat says its now no longer needed, don’t realize she is announcing reality or lie, don’t consider her. He says we don’t consider her, I will ship her to prison if she is visible across the house, inform her to get the activity if she without a doubt desires a activity. Suwarna says children can have many questions, you need to assume the way to control it.

Sirat involves the children and receives snacks for him. Akshu says we’ve visible Sheela crying and leaving. Sirat says few matters are such that we will’t inform the children, I will provide an explanation for you while you develop up, have a few food. Aarohi says no, inform me, why didn’t you are making me meet Nani. Sirat says no, Naksh’s own circle of relatives is your Naniyaal, my Maudi is your Nani, we constantly have her blessings, I don’t need to speak approximately Sheela, don’t ask anything, consume the rolls and take a seat down to study. She worries. Aarohi thinks mumma misses Sheela a lot, she is fearful of Manish.

Sirat calls Sheela and says I will meet you for the closing time nowadays. Suwarna comes and asks her to have icecream, it calms the mind. Sirat says they were given to realize approximately Naira and my reality, after which approximately Sheela, Akshu is sensible, however Aarohi is stubborn, Akshu treated herself and me also, however Aarohi is different. Suwarna says each toddler is different, Kirti regular me early, however now no longer Kartik, he took years to just accept me, he in no way spoke to me, however I didn’t lose hope, the day got here whilst he regular me and I won, preserve trying, the whole lot receives fine, their relation becomes candy like icecream, throw your anxiety away now. Aarohi exams approximately Sheela at the social media. Sheela comes to fulfill Sirat.

says my own circle of relatives had pity on you, they’re providing you with some other chance. Sheela says I will thank them. Sirat says no need. Akshu says Aarohi, your Nani…. Sirat offers the cardboard and says name in this number, they’ll provide you with the activity, don’t come round my house. Aarohi says I will meet my Nani, don’t inform mumma. Sirat says you didn’t do any responsibility until now. Sheela says permit me meet them. Aarohi seems on. Sirat says cross from right here now. She goes. Manish says don’t realize what’s Aarohi considering her Nani, she isn’t a great person. Akshu asks why aren’t you letting her meet, please permit her meet.

Sheela hugs Aarohi and says I m your Nani. Aarohi asks why didn’t you meet me before, why is all people upset. Sheela says I m poor, Sirat isn’t from a wealthy own circle of relatives like Naira, so I don’t have any value. Manish says I didn’t desire to inform you, Aarohi’s Nani may be very selfish, she has behaved badly together along with your mumma, ask Sirat, she doesn’t need to fulfill her. Aarohi says include me and communicate to Manish. Sheela says no, they don’t like me, they’ll scold you and might oust Sirat. Aarohi says no, they love my mumma a lot,

Akshu became too young, they desired a nanny, so that they were given your mothers and fathers married, they’re now no longer horrific people, they’re top for Akshu. Akshu says Aarohi felt horrific. Manish says Akshara became very candy, all people respects her even nowadays however Sheela isn’t top. Sheela fills Aarohi’s ears. She says promise me, you won’t inform anyone, hug me once. Aarohi hugs her. Sheela goes. Aarohi comes and hears Manish. Manish says you’re my fav. Akshu nods. Aarohi goes. Akshu says I will see Aarohi and come. Sirat says Kartik messaged, he’s coming tomorrow. Dadi says thank God, they each can manage the children well.

Akhilesh receives a few message. They see the information of the lacking flight and its accident. Sirat and all people cry.


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