Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Abhimanyu imagining Akshu with him. He asks her to extrade the whole thing as she likes, as soon as she is available in her lifestyles. He romances her. Jaaniye….plays…. He appears around. He says its a dream, you got here in dream after which you’ll in reality are available in my lifestyles and house. Akshu thinks. Anand, Mahima and Harsh argue. Mahima says Abhi loves Akshu. Parth says she is right, reality is reality. Neil says we didn’t recognize Abhi ultimate time. Harsh scolds him. He says no person is considering Abhi, you’ve got got visible his heartbreak, Goenkas are considering their daughters, we’re taking into consideration our reputation. Parth says there might be a large cause that Akshu stayed silent. Harsh says what can it be, she is doing incorrect to lure Abhi, I can’t tolerate her. Abhimanyu shouts I can’t tolerate this, I love Akshu, I m going to clean the whole thing, I will simply marry her. Harsh says I m k, great of luck.

Abhi asks you’re k? Are you gambling a recreation with me? Harsh says no, its my love for you and your happiness, I m k with Akshara, Manjiri put together the shagun plate, every body put together for the party, I receive Abhi’s decision. Everyone smiles. Abhi says sorry Sir, I assume you’re gambling a recreation. Harsh says no, simply Akshara is gambling a recreation together along with your emotions, we simply heard it from you, you adore Akshu, in which is she, in which is her consent, we should pay attention Akshu’s as soon as as nicely, get her right here and make her say that she likes you, I gets shagun done, that is my promise to you, I gets you each married, I will make an apology to Goenkas additionally. Abhi says I don’t want to show anything, however I gets Akshu right here, she can be able to say that she loves me. He leaves. Akshu receives a few message.

Abhi involves select out her. He asks her to take a seat down fast. Hame tumse….plays…. They leave. Everyone waits for Akshu. Neil says I messaged Akshu and advised her the whole thing, Abhi gets her right here, she must recognise what’s occurring again, else a scene can get created. Parth says you probably did right. Anand asks is that this a race route or an alliance to hold conditions. Mahima says I want the alliance is fixed. Anand says we can’t believe Goenkas, they could get the baraat. Harsh says I will now no longer near this count number till she tells that she loves Abhi. Manjiri prays. Neil asks her now no longer to worry. Abhi receives Akshu home.

She appears at every body. Akshu steps in the house. Anand receives a message. He thinks the case were given clean today, it changed into caught because months. He smiles. Yeh rishta….plays… Abhi says Akshu, I recognise a lot befell withinside the ultimate days, however my mum says that the whole thing is nicely that ends nicely, so I were given you right here, every body is aware of I love you, I recognise you adore me, you will be helpless due to your sister or family, don’t be scared, say what’s on your heart, I were given you right here for a cause, you furthermore may recognise that we can’t break our relation for someone’s faux hope, inform them you furthermore may love me, don’t get scared, communicate up.

Manjiri asks her to say. Akshu says I m sorry that I stayed silent and harm every body’s hearts, specially Abhi, however I had no different way, I didn’t recognise what to do, as it changed into approximately my sister, I can’t live extra silent, he’s right, I should specific my emotions for Abhi, I didn’t recognise while he got here in my lifestyles and have become my lifestyles, he made me join myself, if he likes my voice, I like his sincerity. She praises Abhi. She says I additionally love him, I can’t live with out him, I love you Abhi. Abhi smiles and says I love you Akshu. Everyone smiles. Jaaniye….plays…. Abhi hugs Akshu.

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