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After nine rounds of diplomatic and military-level talks between India and China, the withdrawal of the army of the two countries in East Ladakh is complete. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said this on Sunday. He also attacked the Congress for casting doubt on the bravery of the Indian Army.

The Defense Minister said at the State Conference of the Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha that the country would not allow any unilateral action on its border and would pay any price for thwarting such efforts. He said, “After nine rounds of military and diplomatic talks, the withdrawal of forces has been completed. But unfortunately the Congress is doubting the bravery of the Indian Army … is it not an insult to the soldiers who make the supreme sacrifice for the country. ”

Last year 20 Indian soldiers were killed in a skirmish with Chinese soldiers in Galvan. Chinese soldiers were also killed in the conflict. He said that the government under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi never compromised on the unity, territorial integrity and sovereignty of the country and would never do so.

E. Sreedharan of Kerala, popularly known as Metro Man, is going to join BJP soon. On one hand, while announcing it recently, he has made up his mind to enter the political arena, on the other hand, senior Congress leader Shashi Tharoor says that it is not going to have much impact on the upcoming assembly elections in Kerala.

Along with this, Tharoor also emphasized that the BJP will not be able to present a serious claim in this election except in a few seats in Kerala. Tharoor also said that it would be very difficult for the BJP to improve its performance by winning one seat in the 2016 state assembly elections.

Tharoor said in an interview to news agency PTI-Bhasha that he was surprised at the announcement that Sreedharan was going to enter the political arena and join the BJP. He said that Sreedharan’s entry into politics has come as a surprise to him, as this technocrat has spent his long time in executing engineering projects, not making or implementing policies in democracy.

Asked what impact Sreedharan might have in the Kerala assembly elections, MP and Congress leader from Thiruvananthapuram, Shashi Tharoor said, “Since he has no political background or experience, I think his impact will be minimal.” “When I came into politics at the age of 53, I realized that I was too late for the kind of influence I was capable of,” said Tharoor. What can I say about a person who is 88 years old? ”

On the question whether Sreedharan’s entry will make the Kerala elections a three-way contest, along with the LDF and UDF, will the BJP emerge as a serious contender? On this, he said that BJP is not a serious contender except a handful of seats and it will be very difficult for BJP to improve the performance of one seat won last time.

Sreedharan had recently announced that he would join the BJP and enter politics. He said last week that if the BJP wants, he will contest the assembly elections and if the party says he is ready for the post of Chief Minister.

The 88-year-old technocrat, known as ‘Metroman’ and considered skilled in completing large infrastructure projects, has also said that his main objective is to help the BJP bring power to Kerala. Sreedharan’s entry into the Bharatiya Janata Party is being seen as a major impetus for the party in Kerala.

However, for the past several years, the LDF and the Congress-led UDF have alternately ruled the state. Tharoor said that UDF has the talent, experience and creative energy to create a new narrative for the future of Kerala. He said, “At the top of what I am working on, is the people’s manifesto, not only about what the Congress will do for the people of Kerala, but also what the people of Kerala want and what to do with the Congress Let’s hope for

The Congress has given Tharoor the responsibility of bringing various relevant issues in the UDF election manifesto. “That is why it is important to ask people for suggestions and information about what they feel is lacking in their lives, which seeks to provide a receptive and inclusive government.”

“We see our ‘Talk to Tharoor’ campaign as an opportunity for the UDF to serve the people of Kerala with courage and confidence to raise creative ideas, responsible governance and the aspirations of our people,” he said.

Tharoor said that it is sad but it is true that the people of Kerala flourish everywhere in the world more easily than in Kerala. He said, “We should remove the barriers preventing Keralites from flourishing in Kerala.”

Let us tell you that elections for the 140-member Kerala Legislative Assembly are likely to be held in April-May this year.


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